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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy 2 Jul 2020

    (1)Given the reports of positive cases of Covid-19 at some mines, what steps does his department intend to take to better manage the situation at mines; (2) what is his current position on the Covid-19 testing of miners, in light of guidelines that his department published last week that ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy 30 Aug 2019

    Whether he has a plan in place to ensure the safety of mine workers. Particularly when trade union members and workers decide to embark on a strike while they are underground; if not. why not: if so. what are the relevant details?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure 15 Aug 2019

    In view of the fact that a responsibility for infrastructure has been added to her portfolio, how will she ensure that the mandate of her department, in terms of development and economic growth, is intertwined to rejuvenate the economy and that it works with the construction industry to create jobs?

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  • AND TRAINING (Consideration of Report) 12 Mar 2020

    House Chairperson, I don't know whether the pastor can give us an opportunity. Pastor, can you give us an opportunity, please? The Department of Higher Education still has a lot of work to do that is both meaningful and sufficient to the youth and the economy of our country ...


    Sihlalo, Mhlonishwa uNgqongqoshe ...


    ... I would like to ask, with reference to the state of the nation address by the President of the country he said that government in the next six years will provide every school or every child in South Africa with a tablet in 2020 and also ...

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