Mr Mosimanegare Kenneth Mmoiemang

National Council of Provinces

Formerly: Northern Cape Provincial Legislature

Mosimanegare Kenneth Mmoiemang

About Mosimanegare Kenneth Mmoiemang

Mr Kenneth Mmoiemang is a member of the NCOP and the current chairperson of the Select Committee on Transport, Public Service and Administration, Public Works and Infrastructure

2021 committee attendance as mp

97% attendance rate

Attended 35 meetings out of 36

2020 committee attendance as mp

94% attendance rate

Attended 59 meetings out of 63

2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 24 meetings out of 24

Attendance Methodology

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2019 [Source]


Nature Name of Company Number of Shares Nominal Value
Mining Aquarella Investment
Mining General Moneimang


Name of Trust Trustee/Beneficiary Registration Number Details of all benefits derived
Joe Morolong Trustee Charitable Trust
John Taolo Gaetsewe Trustee Charitable Trust


Type of Business Activity Directorship/Partnership in any Corporate Body
General Mainsaiz
General Moneimang


Description of Property Location – Area Extent of the Property
Residential Property Kuruman 3 Bedrooms
Residential Property Kuruman 5 Bedrooms
Residential Property Kimberly 3 Bedrooms

Committee appearances

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Plenary appearances

  • ANC. 12 Mar 2020

    I need to wrap up, hon Chairperson.

  • ANC. 12 Mar 2020

    Thank you, hon Chairperson. I want to wrap up by reminding members that in an economy where the rate of returns on capital outstrips the rate of growth inherited wealth will always grow faster than the end wealth. The fact that rich kids - who were the beneficiaries of the ...

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