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Mogamad Nazier Paulsen


  • State of South African Environment & response to SONA: Department briefing 18 Feb 2020

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) said DEFF has not demonstrated to the Committee that it is engaging the energy and mining industry to deal with air quality. On slide 3 it spoke of climate change but did not mention the fact that there is a climate shift in South Africa. In ...
  • First Term Programme 11 Feb 2020

    Mr M Paulsen (EFF) referred to a letter from the University of Cape Town (UCT), stating their unavailability to present the environmental workshop. He requested that the Committee arrange for a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that practiced environmental law to provide the training instead.
  • PRASA financial management and regression: follow-up meeting with Minister & Department of Transport 5 Feb 2020

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) noted that the Minister had managed to stem some of the damage at PRASA. The Minister had a war room that in August had said it would improve on-time performance from 52% to 85% and increase train sets in operation from 157 to 291. Recently, the ...
  • House Resolutions on Captive lion breeding in South Africa implementation: responses by DEFF & DALRRD 26 Nov 2019

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) noted that the presentation spoke about the situation in Africa. He wanted to know how to engage other countries on the situation there, because it looked like the number of lions was decreasing in other countries more than in SA. “It could be that one day ...
  • Technology Innovation Agency & National Student Financial Aid Scheme 2018/19 Annual Reports 13 Nov 2019

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) said that he found it very difficult to trust someone who had already lied, and that unacceptable behaviour had been displayed by the TIA. He was not happy about the lying, and the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology should institute a full enquiry into ...
  • Industry waste plans; Department 2019/20 Quarter 1 & 2 performance 12 Nov 2019

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) stated that the Department needs to educate citizens on waste disposal and recycling methods. He suggested that this should be taught to children in schools. There also needs to be monitors within the Department which measure the effectiveness of the plans of each sector for waste ...
  • Update on state of captive lion breeding in South Africa 22 Oct 2019

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) said he shared the disgust at the practice of canned lion hunting. He asked if there was an idea of how many facilities were involved in this. Was there a database of how many lions were kept in captivity for these purposes, and records of when ...
  • SANParks and SANBI on their 2018/19 Annual Reports 9 Oct 2019

    Mr M Paulsen (EFF) asked what the value of SANBI projects were and how much was spent. Was the target of 35 research articles for articles submitted or accepted? How was this research funded?
  • SANParks and SANBI on their 2018/19 Annual Reports 9 Oct 2019

    Mr M Paulsen (EFF) said reforestation was one way to mitigate against climate change and the rise in temperatures. What reforestation programmes were in place? He said rhino poaching was not sporadic and was organised crime. Was SANParks engaging with the Green Scorpions on the matter?
  • CSIR, NRF, HSRC & TIA 2018/19 Annual Reports 9 Oct 2019

    Mr N Paulsen (EFF) said that he supported the Chairperson’s sentiments and he would suggest that the Committee should move for the rejection of the Annual Report and it should not be tabled. The fact that Mr Barlow Manilal was not even given any credit for the work that ...