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Moegamat Ayub Abrahams

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Committee appearances

  • Executive Undertakings: Public Works, Higher Education and Training; EOH Petition 21 Oct 2020

    Ms Abrahams (EPWP) said a recruitment policy which has been signed by the Minister of Labour which the Department works in accordance with. The policy emphasises a few things such as fairness, transparency, and work opportunities which are available to be publicised to communities.
  • State of the Public Service Report 2002: briefing by Public Service Commission 26 Feb 2003

    Mr. Abrahams (UDM) expressed the need for an internal anti-corruption unit in departments.
  • European Parliamentarians: visit by delegation 25 Feb 2003

    Mr Abrahams (UDM) said that free education is not viable given South Africa's socio-economic conditions. It seems that the developed world is failing SA. SA is calling for help, not hand-outs. Investors are needed in rural and poor communities. He noted that the Department of Education is taking over the ...
  • Department Strategic Plan for 2003: briefing 19 Feb 2003

    Mr Abrahams (UDM) expressed pleasure at the FET focus. He required answers to the questions about school governing bodies and asked about the plan for nutrition. He also asked whether school safety and security would also be a factor in the role of local governments mentioned earlier and how spending ...
  • Appointment and Utilisation of Consultants: briefing 30 Oct 2002

    Mr. Abrahams (UDM) pointed out that the transfer of skills was clearly not in the interest of the consultants and that such an exercise would be tantamount to negotiating themselves out of business.

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