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Michael Shackleton holds an LLB degree from the University of Pretoria and is an admitted attorney. He was a Councillor representing the Democratic Alliance in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, where he sat on the municipal oversight committees for Corporate and Shared Services, as well as Rules and Ethics.

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Committee appearances

  • Committee reports 28 Nov 2018

    Mr M Shackleton (DA) commented that it was in the country’s interest to capacitate the AG. He was happy that everything increased, including the workload, which was expected, but asked why the “other income” on page six of the report did not increase. What was this “other income”?
  • Committee Reports on 2018 MTBPS; Adjustments Appropriation Bill & Special Appropriation Bill 27 Nov 2018

    Mr M Shackleton (DA) suggested on page 17, where commissions of inquiry were mentioned, that the Committee highlight the exorbitant costs of approximately R300m for holding commissions of inquiry.
  • Adjustments Appropriation Bill: DBE hearing 23 Nov 2018

    Mr M Shackleton (DA) made reference to reports that 27 contractors had walked away from a school infrastructural project in the Eastern Cape because of a R104 million debt. He asked for an indication why this was the case and how this challenge would be addressed going forward. Was this ...
  • Adjustments Appropriation Bill: Department of Water & Sanitation hearing 22 Nov 2018

    Mr M Shackleton (DA) stated that Committee members are allocated different areas to monitor service delivery and he is responsible for Hammanskraal in the City of Tshwane. Many wards in Hammanskraal do have not had running water or sanitation. What is DWS doing to accelerate delivery of clean water in ...
  • Adjustments Appropriation Bill; Special Appropriation Bill: briefing 21 Nov 2018

    Mr M Shackleton (DA) said the Committees should be very careful in weighing the competing interests of a struggling economy against the impact of R5bn being appropriated to SA. SAA has approached the government for a bailout of approximately of 30bn over the past years. He was worried that SAA ...

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