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Dr Ndlozi was born in 1985 and grew up in Evaton in the Vaal area of Gauteng. He serves in the top leadership structures of the Economic Freedom Fighters and as National Spokesperson for the party. He obtained his PhD in Political Sociology at the University of Witwatersrand in 2017.

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Committee appearances

  • Public Enterprises Budget Vote 2019 incident: hearing day 2 25 Nov 2020

    Dr M Ndlozi (EFF) asked on a point of clarity at what stage the meeting was. Had the matter of legal representation been addressed? He was confused. The Chairperson had asked a specific question but it was unclear what was being dealt with in the meeting.
  • Public Enterprises Budget Vote 2019 incident: hearing 24 Nov 2020

    Dr M Ndlozi (EFF) said that it was not fair to be given an oral report of correspondence. It was not fair not to give Members copies of the correspondence. They needed to see the correspondence for themselves. How did the Committee know if it was accurate? It was not ...
  • SONA incident: viewing of video footage 13 Nov 2020

    Mr M Ndlozi (EFF) confirmed that he also unfortunately was not present at the first meeting when the Committee deliberated on the matter. At the tail end, where he caught the footage, he admitted that he may not have heard the substantive point on which Adv Mayosi based her arguments ...
  • Legal Opinion on SONA 2020 incident; Public Enterprises Budget Vote 2019 incident 15 Sep 2020

    Dr M Ndlozi (EFF) stated that it was his first attendance at a meeting of the Committee so he had not seen the Speaker’s complaint. He found that there was a big problem if one had to consider several judgements that had been handed down by the courts in ...
  • Third Term Programme; Minutes 28 Jul 2020

    Dr M Ndlozi (EFF) sought clarity on whether this meeting was the one when the Committee interviewed the ICASA candidates. Because if it is, he was sure that he was had been late for the meeting but he had been present at that meeting.

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 29 Oct 2020

    (a) Which company and/or companies is/are responsible for the Covid-19 App, (b) how was the contract awarded and (c) what (i) is the total value of the contract and (ii) total amount has the company and/or companies been paid to date?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Finance 14 Oct 2020

    (a) What total amount has (i) the NationalTreasury and (ii) all entities reporting to him spent on (aa) Covid-19 related activities and (bb) personal protective equipment from 1 March 2020 to 29 July 2020, (b) what goods and/or services were procured, (c) what procurement processes were followed, (d) what ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 17 Sep 2020

    Whether there is Covid-19 testing in mortuaries for deaths by natural causes not determined in other facilities such as hospitals; if so, what number of Covid-19-related deaths have been determined at the mortuaries, besides the number of deaths that were already confirmed to be related to Covid-19?

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