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Mr Wolmarans is the former mayor of Rustenburg. He was sworn in as a Member of Parliament on 21 September 2017 and again on 19th June 2019 after the National Elections.

2019 committee attendance as mp

76% attendance rate

Attended 26 meetings out of 34

2018 committee attendance as mp

80% attendance rate

Attended 36 meetings out of 45

2017 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 9 meetings out of 9

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Committee appearances

  • Legacy Reports; Committee Programme 3 Sep 2019

    Mr M Wolmarans (ANC) shared the same view that the Legacy Report outlined key areas for future work for the Sixth Parliament to undertake. He felt the current discussions could lead to a piecemeal approach as opposed to a comprehensive report that Members could exercise their oversight role over.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Mincosa, SAMDA, SAOGA, NIASA, SAREC, EIUG, CSIR & SAPIA 21 Aug 2019

    Mr M Wolmarans (ANC) asked for SAMDA’s opinion on the licensing environment and how it affected SAMDA. He asked what affected new mining in rural areas. What effect will expropriation without compensation have on new mining in rural areas?
  • Stakeholder Engagement with Trade Unions: NUM, AMCU, UASA, Solidarity; NUMSA & CEPPWAU 20 Aug 2019

    Mr M Wolmarans (ANC) asked about the effect of the SWOT analysis and research on the working conditions of workers. What is CEPPWAWU views on the proposal to make the energy sector an Essential Service? What measure does CEPPWAWU have to ensure supply of clean water to communities?
  • Mineral Resources and Energy Budget: Committee Report 5 Jul 2019

    Mr M Wolmarans (ANC) appreciated that the Chairperson had accepted his apology for arriving late. He was late due to transport delays. In response to comments raised by Mr Mileham, the first part was an observation from the Committee, and the second was according to a different source. There was ...
  • Departments of Mineral Resources and Energy 2019/20 Annual Performance Plans 3 Jul 2019

    Mr M Wolmarans (ANC) commented that the licensing regime was hampering the process of job creation and transformation in the sector. There was a need to address this issue, as well to try and get new black industrialists into the market.

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Higher Education and Training 10 Sep 2018

    With reference to the SA Human Rights Commission Report on Transformation at Universities which recommended that her department takes a leading role in the transformation of institutions of higher learning and that universities should report annually on their state of transformation, what work has been put in to address recommendations ...

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