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Mandlenkosi Phillip Galo

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2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 1 meeting out of 1

2018 committee attendance as mp

83% attendance rate

Attended 19 meetings out of 23

2017 committee attendance as mp

46% attendance rate

Attended 27 meetings out of 59

2016 committee attendance as mp

31% attendance rate

Attended 17 meetings out of 54

2015 committee attendance as mp

20% attendance rate

Attended 12 meetings out of 61

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

41% attendance rate

Attended 14 meetings out of 34

  • Attendance records reflect Committee not Plenary Attendance
  • Minister/Deputy Minister attendance is not compulsory.
  • MP attendance is compulsory unless an apology is given
  • MPs are recorded as absent whether they have, or have not submitted apologies.
  • This is not the official committee attendance record of Parliament.
  • Plenary Attendance is not made public by Parliament although it has been requested.

DISCLAIMER: This information has been obtained via the Parliamentary Monitoring Group. PMG makes every effort to compile reliable and comprehensive information, but does not claim that the data is 100% accurate and complete.



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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2016 [Source]


Name of Company
Zama Development Trust operating as Poverty Alleviation Network

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2015 [Source]


Type of Business Directorship/Partnership
[Dormant] Brainwave Projects


Name Of Trusts Trustee/Beneficiary Details Of Benefits
Zama Development Trust Trustee None

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2014 [Source]


Type of Business Directorship/Partnership
Poverty Alleviation Network - NGO Member - Board of Trustees
[Dormant] Brainwave Projects 227

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Finance 19 Dec 2018

    (1)Whether the Government intends to use the contingency reserve to bail out underperforming state-owned entities; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) whether any funds from the contingency reserve have been used before; if so, (a) what government programmes were targeted and (b) at what value; (3) (a ...

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