Dorothy Mahlangu

Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Dorothy Mahlangu

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Committee appearances

  • Committee Report on Revised Fiscal Framework 6 Nov 2018

    Ms D Mahlangu (ANC) said the constitution of Cabinet was not under the Committees’ purview. Also, the President was already seized with the matter, and therefore decisions would be taken at that level.
  • National Treasury & SARS 2017/18 Annual Report 16 Oct 2018

    Ms D Mahlangu (ANC) said the expectation was that Treasury should lead by example given its role in holding other departments and entities accountable for their supply chain management. It was concerning that Treasury, of all departments, was failing to comply with supply chain management regulations and the Public Finance ...
  • IRBA 2017/18 Annual Report 9 Oct 2018

    Ms D Mahlangu (ANC) chaired the meeting
  • SARS follow-up: Makwakwa matter; SARS & KPMG report on SARS Intelligence Unit 13 Mar 2018

    Ms D Mahlangu (ANC) added that the SARS matter had been on the agenda for too long. The Committee had to be firm as all the answers being demanded by Members were in the reports. The Committee was going round the same circles it traversed at its last meeting with ...
  • SAA Quarterly Report 29 Nov 2017

    Ms D Mahlangu (ANC) said the new team was expected to bring about real change within SAA, and the positive developments were encouraging. There was an expectation that previous imprudent decisions would be corrected. South Africans and the world at large must take pride in flying SAA.

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Plenary appearances

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 17 May 2012

    Hon Chair, I threw enough stones in the 1980s. So, I do not have time for stones! [Interjections.]

    Chairperson, hon Ministers Patel and Davies, hon Deputy Ministers present, members of this august House, comrades and friends, it is a great pleasure to be back and to talk to you once ...

  • Appropriation Bill (Policy Debate) 9 Jun 2011

    Chairperson, Minister Patel, Deputy Minister Godongwana, and hon members of this august House, I greet you all this afternoon. I know Gauteng is extremely cold, colder than Cape Town, and I think that is part of climate change.

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