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Lindiwe Sisulu


  • Division Of Revenue Bill (Second Reading Debate) 13 Mar 2014

    We did not hear the withdrawal by the hon member. We didn't.

  • Division Of Revenue Bill (Second Reading Debate) 13 Mar 2014

    Chairperson, on a point of order.

  • Public Administration Management Bill (Second Reading Debate) 12 Mar 2014

    Deputy Speaker, on a point of order: I would like the hon member to withdraw his assertion that the Minister has refused to debate this Bill. He is misleading the House. He has absolutely no right to come here and say things that are untrue. I would like him to ...

  • Farewell Speeches 13 Nov 2013

    I was just admiring the scarf. [Laughter.]

  • Marine Living Resources Amendment Bill (Second Reading Debate) 7 Nov 2013

    House Chairperson, on a point of order: I would like to find out, even before you go to the Hansard, whether the hon Lekota is denying that there were colonisers in this country.

  • Auditor-General's Report On Finances Of Municipalities And Municipal Entities (Minister's Response) 22 Aug 2013

    Deputy Chair, I want to recognise the concern about the state of the financial crisis in our municipalities, which was raised by the hon member representing the ACDP. I agree with him; all of us must be very concerned about this matter.

    I want to assure him that work has ...

  • Anc. 22 May 2013

    I have appointed him because of his skills. He has been the Director-General of Justice. He has worked very hard and has had outstanding results. He is a very capable man, and I am very proud that he is working with me. [Applause.] [Interjections.]

    Thank you very much for this ...

  • Anc. 22 May 2013

    Thank you very much. I needed to express this: The DA has taken the opportunity to cast aspersions on the integrity of my legal adviser. I want to say to the hon Marais it is unfortunate that you should do that in a Budget Vote. You should have made sure ...

  • Anc. 22 May 2013

    Chairperson, no, impossible. [Interjections.] On a point of order: There is a miscommunication here. [Interjections.] Okay.

    Chairperson, ladies and gentlemen, members of the House, I would like to acknowledge members in the gallery. I did not have the opportunity to do so at the beginning. To begin with, we have ...

  • Appropriation Bill 22 May 2013

    Chairperson, hon members, invited guests, ladies and gentlemen, I have come to the very firm conclusion that the best people in the world were born in May. Nothing will sway me from that belief, which is why today we celebrate the Deputy Minister's birthday. [Applause.] Deputy Minister, I happened to ...