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Dr. Schreiber serves as the Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister for Public Service and Administration. He holds a Bachelor's, BA Honours, and Master's degrees in political science from Stellenbosch. He also obtained his Ph.D. in political science from the Free University of Berlin in Germany. Read more

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89% attendance rate

Attended 8 meetings out of 9

2020 committee attendance as mp

81% attendance rate

Attended 25 meetings out of 31

2019 committee attendance as mp

92% attendance rate

Attended 23 meetings out of 25

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Service and Administration 15 Apr 2021

    Whether, in light of the dismissal of a certain person (name and details furnished), for illegally appointing his mistress to the position of Chief Director: Professional Ethics, he intends to institute a review of the fitness to hold office of all people appointed by the specified person; if not, why ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Service and Administration 12 Apr 2021

    (1)Whether he has been informed of reports that certain public sector unions are demanding wage increases of up to 10% during the upcoming round of wage negotiations (details furnished); (2) (a) what are the full details of all the various demands that have so far been tabled by public sector ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Service and Administration 9 Apr 2021

    (1)In light of the recent ruling by the Labour Appeal Court that the 2018 wage agreement, namely Resolution 1 of 2018, was deemed unlawful and in contravention of Regulations 78 and 79 of the Public Service Regulations because the State agreed to wage increases despite not having the requisite written ...

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    Deputy Minister, I will ask my question in Afrikaans, so if you want to use the translation, you can.

    Afrikaans: Meer as die helfte van die agt miljoen inwoners van die Noord- en Wes-Kaap is Afrikaans. Met Stellenbosch Universiteit wat ook sedert 2016 slegs Engels is, bied al vier Kaapse ...

  • WEDNESDAY, 4 DECEMBER 2019 4 Dec 2019

    House Chair, I must just start off by expressing my dismay with the way in which this House and especially members on that side are systematically undermining the independence of the Public Service Commission. Just this morning, we saw the second attempt in two weeks by the ANC to recommend ...

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