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Committee appearances

  • DCoG Audit outcomes & 2019/20 Annual Report 1 Dec 2020

    Mr K Ceza (EFF) asked how the DDM ensured that corruption, mismanagement, political interference, irregular expenditure and other acts of malfeasance would be addressed.
  • S139 interventions in North West: COGTA MEC briefing 25 Nov 2020

    Mr K Ceza (EFF) recalled that he had heard about the water service delivery woes in some Municipalities in the North West and that he had also checked the youth unemployment rate in some of these municipalities. In some municipalities the youth unemployment rate sat at 41%. He expressed his ...
  • Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality: engagement with Municipality, Provincial Treasury, SALGA & DCOG 24 Nov 2020

    Mr K Ceza (EFF) disagreed with the view from the HOD that certain programmes in the municipalities should be suspended. He said that this is a view that political leaders and administration do not understand and are not in a position to acknowledge that everything has to operate concurrently. The ...
  • Mandate & functions of National House of Traditional Leaders 17 Nov 2020

    Mr K Ceza (EFF) commented on the amount of work done before and after 1994 in terms of ensuring that the people, even though confined to 13% of the land, were granted permission to build adequate housing and allowed the space to ensure that extended families could be housed sufficiently ...
  • Municipal Demarcation Board 2019/20 Annual Report; Update on delimitation process 4 Nov 2020

    Mr K Ceza (EFF) raised questions regarding expenditure, and wanted to know what causal factors were involved. Generally, the notion was that amalgamation would affect service delivery, and there had been various issues raised by local communities regarding municipal boundaries. In some areas the municipal boundaries may get confusing, and ...

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  • GOVERNANCE - CLUSTER 3 27 May 2020

    Yes, there is a follow-up question, Chairperson.


    AFFAIRS: [Inaudible.] ... last supplementary question from the hon Ceza. Sorry about that.

  • GOVERNANCE - CLUSTER 3 27 May 2020

    Thank you very much, Chairperson. My question relates to municipalities, Minister, such as Amahlathi in the Eastern Cape where they cannot pay workers, let alone services ... [Inaudible.] ... are lagging behind in terms of revenue collection, yet you find big businesses that owe municipalities and nothing is done by your department ...

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