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Jeaneth Lizzy Thabethe

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  • Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill: comments 25 Aug 2003

    Mr Olifant (DA) apologised on behalf of Ms Thabethe (ANC), Mr Oliphant (ANC), Mr Koen (the State law adviser), Mr Rasmeni (ANC) and Mr Moonsamy (ANC) for their absence.
  • Unemployment Insurance Contributions Bill: briefing 12 Feb 2002

    Ms Thabethe (ANC) felt that the interest that accrued to the 1% held by the employer should not go to the employee but rather remain with the employer as collectively the interest would be high.
  • Unemployment Insurance Bill: deliberations 19 Oct 2001

    Mr Thabethe (ANC) stated that, in essence, the Department has no right to limit money paid by an employee to the Fund.
  • Unemployment Insurance Bill: deliberations 19 Oct 2001

    Ms Thabethe (ANC) commented that this definition could not easily be understood by the ordinary layperson. Mr Kettledas advised that the definition had been taken verbatim from the Tax Act and therefore could not be amended.
  • National Productivity Institute: briefing 10 Oct 2000

    Ms Thabethe (ANC) thanked the NPI for their presentation but said that she was not sure whether their mission was a practical one. Does NPI have the capacity to deal with all the issues? Regarding the National Productivity Agreement, how do you try to change the mindset of people considering ...

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