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2021 committee attendance as mp

78% attendance rate

Attended 7 meetings out of 9

2020 committee attendance as mp

79% attendance rate

Attended 11 meetings out of 14

2019 committee attendance as mp

86% attendance rate

Attended 6 meetings out of 7

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Committee appearances

  • DSBD, SEFA & SEDA 2020/21 Quarter 3 performance 10 Mar 2021

    The meeting began with the apology of Mr J de Villiers (DA) who was on study leave. The quarter three agenda was adopted. The Committee minutes dated 3 March 2021 were adopted as a true reflection.
  • DSBD, SEFA & SEDA 2020/21 Quarter 2 performance 3 Mar 2021

    Mr J De Villiers (DA) thanked the Department and the agencies for their presentations, and introduced himself as a new Member of the Committee. He said that the media and the public were “excited” about the Department’s programme to integrate 1 000 products from SMMEs and cooperatives into the market ...
  • First Term Committee Programme 10 Feb 2021

    Mr J De Villiers (DA) thanked the Chairperson for his introduction. He expressed his excitement to contribute to, and work with, the Committee.
  • First Term Committee Programme 10 Feb 2021

    Mr J De Villiers (DA) supported the proposal of engaging with Relief Fund beneficiaries. He sought to amend the suggestion by highlighting that the Auditor General had noted that a large amount of the fund was not accessed. The Committee should meet with the Minister and the Director General to ...
  • Update on process to appoint Auditor-General 30 Jul 2020

    Mr J de Villiers (DA) said it was clear from the presentation that there were two guidelines eliminating most of the candidates. He had looked at what the Committee had done in finding the seven short-listed candidates. He knew the short-listed candidates would be spoken of at the meeting the ...

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