Ms Hildegard Sonja Boshoff

National Council of Provinces

Formerly: National Assembly

Hildegard Sonja Boshoff

About Hildegard Sonja Boshoff

Ms Boshoff is currently is a member of the National Council of Provinces in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature for the Democratic Alliance. She graduated from the University of South Africa with a degree in Public Administration and Management.

2021 committee attendance as mp

69% attendance rate

Attended 9 meetings out of 13

2020 committee attendance as mp

86% attendance rate

Attended 54 meetings out of 63

2019 committee attendance as mp

88% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 24

2018 committee attendance as mp

83% attendance rate

Attended 10 meetings out of 12

2017 committee attendance as mp

75% attendance rate

Attended 3 meetings out of 4

2016 committee attendance as mp

50% attendance rate

Attended 2 meetings out of 4

2015 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 2 meetings out of 2

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Residential Erf 600sq.m.; Dwelling 230sq.m. Lydenburg

Committee appearances

  • Special Economic Zones & Industrial Parks outcomes in respect of investments, economic growth and job creation: stakeholder engagement 16 Mar 2021

    Ms H Boshoff (DA, Mpumalanga) said her questions would be concentrated on Mpumalanga, as she represented this province. She mentioned the Nkomazi SEZ – the talk of this has been a bone of contention for some time. R700 million worth of pledges were withdrawn due to delays by government with ...
  • Independent Ports Regulator 2019/20 Annual Report 24 Feb 2021

    Ms S Boshoff (DA, Mpumalanga) asked about the 27 positions that the Regulator want to be increased to 60, and whether, given the current financial situation, it was feasible. Has the Regulator followed up on getting the approval from the Minister? Also, was anything done to capacitate the youth so ...
  • South African Tourism 2019/20 Annual Report 23 Feb 2021

    Ms H Boshoff (DA, Mpumalanga) said that tourism industries around the world have been negatively impacted by Covid-19 and asked about SA Tourism’s engagement with tourism boards of the countries that most frequently visit South Africa. How can these countries, along with South Africa, assist each other to ensure tourism ...
  • Department of Tourism 2019/20 Annual Report 23 Feb 2021

    Ms S Boshoff (DA, Mpumalanga) asked if the Department had engaged with community-based tourism businesses in the formal and informal sectors. Some had either closed down or were struggling to survive. She asked if the Department had contacted them to provide guidance and support. NDT should engage with small tourism ...
  • Rail Safety Regulator 2019/20 on its Annual Report 2019/20 17 Feb 2021

    Ms S Boshoff (DA, Mpumalanga) noted RSR spoke about external bursaries given to 29 students. She asked about the value received back in the issuing of bursaries. What happens to students once they have completed their training? And the internal bursaries given to staff, do the trained staff remain with ...

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    Hon Deputy Chairperson, hon members, fellow South Africans, the combination of the slow to stagnant growth and the staggering unemployment rate, especially of our youth is of great concern.

    Only last week we woke up to the news that government has again sent South Africa into a recession with a ...

  • COMFORT BREAK 6 Dec 2019

    Deputy Chair, every quarter, unemployment is on the rise - bringing about more and more citizens becoming dependent on social grants and standing on street corners begging in order to survive. All the plans devised by the ANC to revive or to reignite the economy and to create jobs have ...

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