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Mr Mackay matriculated from the University of Liverpool. Before entering the political sphere, Mr Mackay worked with UNICEF. He is currently the DA's Shadow Minister for Energy.

2017 committee attendance as mp

82% attendance rate

Attended 18 meetings out of 22

2016 committee attendance as mp

74% attendance rate

Attended 14 meetings out of 19

2015 committee attendance as mp

75% attendance rate

Attended 12 meetings out of 16

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

100% attendance rate

Attended 16 meetings out of 16

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  • Minister/Deputy Minister attendance is not compulsory.
  • MP attendance is compulsory unless an apology is given
  • MPs are recorded as absent whether they have, or have not submitted apologies.
  • This is not the official committee attendance record of Parliament.
  • Plenary Attendance is not made public by Parliament although it has been requested.

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2016 [Source]


Location Extent Description
Johannesburg +-64sq.m. Flat
Observatory +-77sq.m. Flat
Braamfontein, JHB +-60sq.m. Flat [50%]

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2015 [Source]


Location Description
Braamfontein Sectional title [50%]
Cape Town Sectional title
Johannesburg Sectional title

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2014 [Source]


Location Description
Braamfontein, JHB Flat [50%]
Craighall, JHB Flat

Committee appearances

  • Power Purchase Agreements with Independent Power Producers: Department of Energy and ESKOM update 20 Jun 2017

    Mr G Mackay (DA) was surprised by the presentation, as it had been a long outstanding issue and the Chairperson himself had received phone calls from people in the sector who, because of the uncertainty in the industry, were losing their jobs and were not earning an income. There was ...
  • Committee Report on Energy Budget 16 May 2017

    Mr G Mackay (DA) pointed out that most of the recommendations were very similar to last year’s recommendations. The recommendations needed to be stronger and backed with potential sanctions.
  • Committee Report on Department of Energy Budget 9 May 2017

    Mr G Mackay (DA) said the suggestions and observations seemed scattered, and should be grouped in terms of content. He argued that in many of the recommendations’ referencing, some opinions appeared to be unanimous within the Committee, when they were not. For example, the opinion of the Minister that PetroSA ...
  • Department of Energy on its Annual Performance plan 2 May 2017

    Mr G Mackay (DA), welcomed the new Minister and her interventions, and showed his discontent for hearing that the DoE admitted it had sold South Africa’s oil reserves, contradicting the former Minister’s statement that the resources had been subjected to a rotation, intentionally misleading the Portfolio Committee and ...
  • PetroSA impairment forensic report & turnaround strategy 14 Mar 2017

    Mr G Mackay (DA) said that in terms of accountability the report boiled down to two people getting golden handshakes, one being demoted and a flippant admission that the project management was not great. It was ridiculous and he asked why the legal team was not present to explain their ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Mineral Resources 27 Jul 2017

    (1)Whether, in view of a certain development (name and details furnished) and given that a certain mine (name furnished) has stated that the specified development cannot take place on the portion of land it owns, his department is aware of the development taking place in the surrounding areas; if ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Mineral Resources 11 Jul 2017

    (1)(a) On what date was the public participation for a certain mine housing development (name furnished) conducted and (b) how was the notice for public participation communicated; (2) whether a proper environmental impact assessment (EIA) was conducted; if so, what process has been followed since the specified EIA; (3 ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Transport 10 Jul 2017

    Whether any staff of (a) his department and (b) each entity reporting to him were awarded any contracts or agreements to conduct business with any state entity in the (i) 2014-15, (ii) 2015-16 and (iii) 2016-17 financial years; if so, what are the (aa)(aaa) names and (bbb) professional designations ...

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Plenary appearances

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 4 Mar 2015

    House Chair, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of the DA:

    That the House debates the role of independent power producers and their potential role in resolving South Africa's ongoing and deepening energy crisis.

  • Appropriation Bill 21 Jul 2014

    Hon Chairperson, hon Minister, Deputy Minister and fellow South Africans, it is a great privilege to stand before this House today as a newly elected Member of Parliament, to deliver my maiden speech in the service of the people of our nation. At this time, I am reminded that, despite ...

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