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2020 committee attendance as mp

87% attendance rate

Attended 27 meetings out of 31

2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 14 meetings out of 14

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Committee appearances

  • Western Cape Provincial Government on its COVID-19 response plans 23 Jun 2020

    Mr G Mpumza (ANC) asked why the involvement of informal settlements had been so inadequate in the implementation of the strategic plans to combat the pandemic in the Western Cape. What was the plan of the WCPG to address the escalation of alcohol-related incidents in hospitals that were taking up ...
  • City of Cape Town on its COVID-19 response plans: follow-up meeting 11 Jun 2020

    Mr G Mpumza (ANC) commented on the challenge of revenue collection against the projected billing and how this may indicate an increase in the loss of jobs. He asked the City to inform Members on what plans it had put in place to cushion the adverse effect of job losses ...
  • Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality on response plans for COVID-19 10 Jun 2020

    Mr G Mpumza (ANC) welcomed the presentation. He asked why the water tanker installation service has been discontinued by the Department of Water and Sanitation and if this was because Buffalo City had the capability of providing this service. He asked what progress was made in providing water and sanitation ...
  • Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality on their response plans for COVID-19; Petitions 4 Jun 2020

    Mr G Mpumza (ANC) said members understand that national housing is a competence of the provincial and national governments but of critical importance is the beneficiary list. This list is a core function of the city. Members need clarity from the city why the 5% quota has not been met ...
  • Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality on its COVID-19 response plan; Petitions 3 Jun 2020

    Mr G Mpumza (ANC) commended the Mayor for establishing the food bank. He asked what verification was being used to identify the beneficiaries of food from the bank. What mechanisms were there to ensure that the food provided was nutritious? With the decline of revenue collection, what plan was in ...

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