Frederik Jacobus Mulder

National Assembly

Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Frederik Jacobus Mulder

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Committee appearances

  • Report of Public Service Commission on Appointment of Cubans: consideration 23 Feb 2005

    Mr Mulder (FF, PC Foreign Affairs) commented that many white young people queried why they were not appointed for the vacant posts. Affirmative action risked alienating a new generation. If affirmative action positions were advertised without allowing certain people to apply, the perception was created that these posts were filled ...
  • SABC Restructuring: progress Report 13 Aug 2002

    Dr Mulder (FF) asked if a frame of reference was already in place and stated that he would like to be made party to the discussion on it. He questioned if it were necessary to standardise radio stations bearing in mind that people probably do no "hop" from one radio ...
  • ICASA Progress Report 19 Sep 2000

    Dr Mulder (FF) asked if there was a time limit within which to appoint the CEO.
  • Parliamentary Budget 15 Jun 2000

    Mr Mulder (FF) asked why there was no delegate from the New National Party since most of the old members were from the National Party.
  • Parliamentary Budget 15 Jun 2000

    Mr Mulder (FF) said that his perception of the situation was that previous members argued that benefits were part of their final package and they disputed the principle that they could be taken away summarily or they would consider taking legal action. They had asked for a meeting at which ...

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