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Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Frederik Jacobus Mulder

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Committee appearances

  • Report of Public Service Commission on Appointment of Cubans: consideration 23 Feb 2005

    Mr Mulder (FF, PC Foreign Affairs) commented that many white young people queried why they were not appointed for the vacant posts. Affirmative action risked alienating a new generation. If affirmative action positions were advertised without allowing certain people to apply, the perception was created that these posts were filled ...
  • Property Rates Bill:hearings 13 May 2003

    Mr Mulder (FF) asked, from a FFC perspective, if the market value would be less than exemptions. He also wanted to know to what extent that constituted a problem. He mentioned the possible negative effects of exemptions and reductions.
  • Briefing by Deputy Minister on Terrorism 11 Sep 2002

    Dr Mulder (FF) said that he had visited the US in May and noticed that there were American flags everywhere. He could understand their patriotism, but when he had asked when the flags would be taken down the response had been that they would be taken down when the war ...
  • SABC Restructuring: progress Report 13 Aug 2002

    Dr Mulder (FF) asked if a frame of reference was already in place and stated that he would like to be made party to the discussion on it. He questioned if it were necessary to standardise radio stations bearing in mind that people probably do no "hop" from one radio ...
  • Briefing by the Deputy Minister on the Inter-Congolese Dialogue and the Israeli/Palestine situation 9 May 2002

    Mr Mulder (FF) commented that it seems that the Congolese were looking for a power-sharing solution. His opinion was that this was only a temporary solution. He asked if there were any indications of the country moving towards unity.

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition 15 Dec 2020

    (1)What measures does his department have in place to prevent an international provider of digital services, such as Google and/or Facebook, from acquiring companies internationally and then bundling their products together in the local South African economy; (2) whether the Competition Commission, using the Facebook acquisition of WhatsApp as an ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Home Affairs 12 Nov 2020

    (1)Whether he will indicate what the position, role and functions of a certain person (name and details furnished) are within his department and/or the Ministry; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) what process was followed to appoint the specified person in such a position; ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services 1 Oct 2020

    (1)On what grounds was parole granted to Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen in the case commonly known as the coffin case; (2) What legal provisions did he and/or his department rely upon when the parole for each person was subsequently revoked; (3) What legal provisions may his department rely upon ...

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    Agb Huisvoorsitter, die rol wat die Departement van Binnelandse Sake moet vervul om die identiteit van Suid-Afrikaanse burgers te beskerm, die migrasie van mense te reguleer en ook die land se internasionale verpligtinge na te kom, wat bewegingsregulering betref, moet nie onderskat word nie.

    Hierdie mandaat staan sentraal in binnelanse ...


    House Chair, unlike the Springbok team, the ANC's Tripartite Alliance is a divided house. Last Wednesday, during the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement speech of the Minister of Finance, it became clear that South Africa is in the midst of a serious financial crisis.


    Suid-Afrika se staatsskuld was 10 jaar ...

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