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Erik Johannes Marais


  • Stakeholder engagement on challenges facing Eskom 4 Mar 2020

    Mr E Marais (DA) thanked everyone for their comprehensive input. Eskom was insolvent, a fact determinable from their balance sheet. He was worried as taxpayers could not continually bail out SOEs. Since 2008 there had been bad management and corruption within Eskom and those individuals who had stolen from Eskom ...
  • Alexkor 2018/19 Annual Report 27 Nov 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) asked about the final obligation that Alexkor has for Alexander Bay. He asked that they highlight the contractor deals. He gets the sense that a lot of the blame for the poor performance of Alexkor is being shifted towards the contractor deals. He asked what the ...
  • Minister on Eskom Special Paper & impact of Integrated Resource Plan on Eskom 20 Nov 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) asked how Eskom's debt would be restructured between the three envisaged new entities.
  • Denel 2018/19 Annual Report 6 Nov 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) said the presentation had been positive overall. Denel had a full executive committee which was critical to state-owned enterprises (SOEs).
  • Safcol 2018/19 Annual Report, with special emphasis on Land claims & post-settlement model for all stakeholders 30 Oct 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) commented that SAFCOL had come a long way on land claims-related matters, which had been a major factor that held the entity back in performance and planning for future purposes. This had resulted in it not being aware of how much land it owned, so it ...
  • Transnet 2018/19 Annual Report 23 Oct 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) first thanked God that Transnet was not asking for bailouts. He said that it is problematic to have vacancies in key positions of the organisation and he requested Transnet to focus on resolving this. He then commended Transnet’s CSI. However, he recommended that Transnet ensure ...
  • Eskom on its 2018/19 Annual Report 9 Oct 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) noted that President Ramaphosa had announced the Eskom unbundling and asked how far they are and what the cost implications for this process are and if that will impact further on the cash flow of Eskom. A task team was established to deal with the municipal ...
  • Denel on progress made in addressing governance challenges & advancing developmental objectives 4 Sep 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) asked how sure Denel was on the matter of a winnable order pipeline of exports. When would it break even?
  • Election of Chairperson 2 Jul 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) stated that he would not be available on the 25th because he was leaving the country.
  • State-Owned companies: Department of Public Enterprises briefing 13 Mar 2019

    Mr E Marais (DA) remarked there was a family member of his that has been given a bursary for two years by Eskom but was required to work for Eskom two years after the bursary. What happened was that after a year, this person and others were asked to go ...