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  • National Treasury on 2019/20 Quarter 4 Expenditure Report 17 Jun 2020

    The Committee Secretariat noted apologies from Mr A Emam (NFP), who said he would be late, and Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) who had a political party engagement to attend.
  • Appropriation Bill [B4-2020]: National Treasury briefing 3 Jun 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed the Deputy Minister, Dr David Masondo. She noted an apology from Mr Y Carrim (ANC, KwaZulu-Natal), stating that he would be late as he was still in another meeting. The Standing Committee Secretariat noted an apology from Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF), who indicated that she would be ...
  • Financial challenges facing Eskom, SAA & SA Express: National Treasury & DPE briefings 27 May 2020

    Ms E Ntlangwini (EFF) was not sure if the Acting DG was indicating that there was no hope for all these institutions. Eskom has identified procurement as a potential lever to drive cost savings. What progress has been made in renegotiating coal contracts and overhauling the coal procurement system in ...
  • Employment and Labour Budget: Committee Report 26 May 2020

    Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) proposed that if the Chairperson encountered any connection problems that prevented her from continuing with the virtual meeting, she should give permission upfront to the Whip of the Committee to chair the meeting.
  • National Treasury & Land Bank on the financial issues affecting the entity 20 May 2020

    Mr N Ntlangwini (EFF) thanked the presenters and said that the Land Bank, as it works to improve food security and provide funding, should prioritise black women. National Treasury should ensure that resources are put into the bank and that qualified individuals are appointed to run a productive cash flow ...

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