Elphas Mfakazeleni Buthelezi

National Assembly

Formerly: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature

Elphas Mfakazeleni Buthelezi

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Deputy President of the IFP



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  • Office of the Chief Procurement Officer on contract deviations & 2019/20 Quarter performance 19 Feb 2020

    Mr E Buthelezi (IFP) would like to know what is exactly is meant by not supported. He then goes on to say that the report was very empowering and he would like the presenters views on the internal controls used to prevent deviations. He would like to know if some ...
  • SAA outstanding matters: update 19 Feb 2020

    Mr E Buthelezi (IFP) took the avoidance of catastrophe as the reason for going the route of business rescue practitioners. The Minister had referred to plans that had not worked as a result of the state’s lack of capability to implement the plans. How was the Minister convinced that ...
  • ESKOM Update on SCOPA recommendations following oversight visit 18 Feb 2020

    Mr E Buthelezi (IFP) noted that some people had resigned. Were criminal charges pursued against them? Likewise, were those dismissed for fraud and corruption reported to the law enforcement agencies? Of the 370 people targeted for the lifestyle audit, how many were high risk?
  • First Term Programme & Strategic planning session preparation 12 Feb 2020

    Mr E Buthelezi (IFP) said that he had not seen the SCOPA invitation for the Tuesday 18 February meeting when he had read the programme and asked if the Committee could favor that programme.
  • Draft bill amending section 25 of the Constitution: deliberations 5 Dec 2019

    Mr E Buthelezi (IFP) said that the input by the Legal Advisor was not helping him in terms of consultation. They could not be referred to the previous Committee’s work when they began talking about going to the people to consult. He had taken notes during the review public ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans 7 Mar 2019

    (1) (a) What was the total cost of the activities and exercises relating to Armed Forces Day, (b) what number of active members of the SA National Defence Force were deployed to the City of Cape Town for this project and (c) who authorised the activities and exercises; (2) whether ...

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Plenary appearances

  • NEW CHIEF WHIP OF THE OPPOSITION (Announcement) 31 Oct 2019

    Thank you Deputy Speaker. Hon President, yesterday, the Minister of Finance advised the country that there are 29 000 state employees that are earning salaries over a million rands per year. What are you doing to further reduce the still bloated size of public service and thus reduce the drain ...

  • NEW CHIEF WHIP OF THE OPPOSITION (Announcement) 31 Oct 2019

    What does the President do to further reduce the still bloated size of public service and reduce its drain on the fiscus spending?

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