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2021 committee attendance as mp

85% attendance rate

Attended 23 meetings out of 27

2020 committee attendance as mp

57% attendance rate

Attended 8 meetings out of 14

2019 committee attendance as mp

71% attendance rate

Attended 5 meetings out of 7

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Committee appearances

  • State of readiness for 2021 local government elections: engagement with DCoG & IEC 6 Apr 2021

    Ms E Spies (DA) said the executive collective system and the executive mayoral system presented by Dr Naidoo was a discussion matter the Committee must pursue more intensely. Perhaps he was anticipating something the Committee did not want to anticipate, but it raised a very interesting topic that had to ...
  • Sekhukune District Municipality: state of municipalities 17 Mar 2021

    Ms E Spies (DA) said that she might have missed some part of the response, as she only logged in after the meeting had started. She reiterated her question around the current MM Ms Nancy Rampedi and her involvement in the VBS Bank heist, where she had tendered in her ...
  • Frances Baard District Municipality: state of municipalities 16 Mar 2021

    Ms E Spies (DA) said that the Members had been working since the morning, and they had also prioritised the meeting. How could the people who were supposed to be here not have prioritised it? People were using connectivity as a scapegoat.
  • Amathole District Municipality: state of municipalities 12 Mar 2021

    The Chairperson commenced the meeting by checking whether all the delegates were present. She followed up with apologies stating that Ms E Spies (DA) was on sick leave. The Minister was unable to attend and the Deputy Minister was attending an urgent meeting to respond to oral questions in Parliament. ...
  • Uthukela District Municipality: state of municipalities 10 Mar 2021

    Ms E Spies (DA) said that it is good for a change to get something positive in terms of the municipalities appearing before the Committee, but in the same vein a clean audit finding shows that people are doing their jobs. So, people must not create the narrative that things ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs 1 Apr 2021

    Whether, perhaps in collaboration with the SA Local Government Association, her department will consider introducing a mandatory programme accredited by the SA Qualifications Authority which is similar to the programme for newly appointed municipal officials, for all newly elected municipal councillors to capacitate them to fulfil their duties; if not, ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development 24 Mar 2021

    What (a) total number of hectares of land is held in the name of traditional leaders for use by communities in Western Cape, (b) is the name of the responsible traditional leader in each of the areas and (c) government support has been provided in each area since 1 January ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation 24 Dec 2019

    In view of the massive strain on key water and sanitation systems in the Republic, (a) which provinces have been the worst affected in their ability to deliver on their approved human settlement business plans and (b) what plans are in place to ensure provinces deliver on their approved human ...

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Plenary appearances

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 26 Nov 2019

    Hon House Chair, I hereby give notice that on the next sitting day of the House I shall move on behalf of the DA:

    That the House, debates the high increase in dropouts from the National Certificate Vocational training programme which is a Ministerial funded programme. [Applause.]

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