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2019 committee attendance as mp

92% attendance rate

Attended 24 meetings out of 26

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Committee appearances

  • Joint Committee Oversight Report: Western Cape; Committee’s 1st term 2020 Programme 3 Dec 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA; Northern Cape) agreed and suggested 13 December 2019 as the cut-off date.
  • Pan South African Language Board & Iziko Museum 2018/19 Annual Report 27 Nov 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) said that the Committee understood what the issues were, and were concerned. However, this was not the correct audience, nor the ideal time, to discuss the matter presented by Dr Maahlamela. She would wait for the necessary platform to ask her questions.
  • Department of Basic Education 2018/19 Annual Report 20 Nov 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) said that sanitation was still a problem at schools. The deadline to eradicate the bucket system was meant to have been ten years ago and had been shifted. She asked when the DBE expected to finally eradicate the issue, as it was still the ...
  • Department of Social Development 2018/19 Annual Report 12 Nov 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) requested that the ECD policy be highlighted, and asked when the implementation and integration would take place. She enquired what monitoring, assistance and follow up was done for the victims of GBV who made calls to the GBV Command Centre. She was concerned about ...
  • Department of Sports and Recreation 2018/19 Annual Report 6 Nov 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) want to reiterate what Ms Gillion had said. Provinces are not budgeting appropriately. Their budgets should obviously coincide with the national strategic plan. Why are provinces not implementing this? What is SRSA doing to hold them accountable? SRSA is allocating vast amounts of money ...

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