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Ms King is a former councillor at Buffalo City Municipality. She became an MP in November 2016 and is serving on the Portfolio Committee on Science and Technology.

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2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 1 meeting out of 1

2018 committee attendance as mp

96% attendance rate

Attended 25 meetings out of 26

2017 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 21

2016 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 1 meeting out of 1

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2017 [Source]


Location Extent Description
Parkside - East London C/o property Family House - Residential

Committee appearances

  • NSC Examination Outcomes 2018; State of School Readiness 2019 12 Feb 2019

    Ms C King (DA) said the technical detail and quality of question papers has declined in the moderation of papers and this is a concern. Some of the chief examiners don’t even know the subject matter at hand. What has been put in place to address this? The compliance ...
  • Committee Reports 4 Dec 2018

    Ms Basson proposed the adoption, and Ms C King (DA) seconded.
  • Schools that Work; Early Grade Reading; 25 Year Review 27 Nov 2018

    Ms C King (DA) said that there is a benefit to moving up with learners, such as that the teacher is like a witness to the behaviour of the learner and knows what could be done to improve it. She said that one of the reasons that most schools perform ...
  • Schools that Work; Early Grade Reading; 25 Year Review 27 Nov 2018

    Ms King (DA) said that having learners use black and white paper as a substitute for textbooks disadvantages most of them because often they would be asked about identifying something that is not how they know it. For instance a teacher would request the learners to identify a red colour ...
  • Department of Basic Education Quarter 2 performance 13 Nov 2018

    Ms C King (DA) thought the workbooks were a waste of time. As a former maths teacher, she had to correct them in the past. Who had been certifying these books for publication? Which provinces were being evaluated with regards to hotspot schools? Why is KwaZulu-Natal underperforming according to national ...

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