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2020 committee attendance as mp

50% attendance rate

Attended 3 meetings out of 6

2019 committee attendance as mp

73% attendance rate

Attended 19 meetings out of 26

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Committee appearances

  • SAA outstanding matters: update 19 Feb 2020

    Ms C Phiri (ANC) wanted confirmation of why it had been deliberately decided not to go for liquidation. She had understood that the AFS had not been submitted because that would lead to liquidation. She wanted a confirmation even though her colleagues had already asked the question because the people ...
  • Minister on Eskom Special Paper & impact of Integrated Resource Plan on Eskom 20 Nov 2019

    Ms C Phiri (ANC) touched on the NERSA tariff determination that had been challenged by Eskom. She requested the DDG provide an update on how DPE as government shareholder was addressing the matter. The unbundling of Eskom concerned the whole country and asked if Eskom had a plan in place ...
  • Department & State-Owned Companies Medium term financial & operational performance; State-Owned Companies ecent developments: update 13 Nov 2019

    Ms C Phiri (ANC) asked how the achievements of the Department could be extended to the SOEs. While the Department’s achievement was 50%, it is clear the entities are not doing well. How could the skills and performance of the Department be transferred to the entities? Could assurance be ...
  • Denel 2018/19 Annual Report 6 Nov 2019

    Ms C Phiri (ANC) welcomed the report and applauded the board and management in allowing the Committee and Denel to be “seeing the light”. It brought hope. There was a good track record in the year of work that had been done.
  • National Youth Development Agency 2018/19 Annual Report 5 Nov 2019

    Ms C Phiri (ANC) said the assertion that the majority of senior management were women was in contradiction to the overall presentation on slide 43, and asked for this to be clarified. The report indicated that there was still an outstanding investigation into the 2011 Youth Festival, and the previous ...

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    Thank you, hon Chair. Hon Minister, does the department have any machinery in place in taking appropriate steps to ensure that the budget or revenue raising measures are approved where a municipality is

    placed under section 154 and subsequently section 139. I thank you?


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