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Carin Visser

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2021 committee attendance as mp

82% attendance rate

Attended 9 meetings out of 11

2020 committee attendance as mp

81% attendance rate

Attended 61 meetings out of 75

2019 committee attendance as mp

78% attendance rate

Attended 31 meetings out of 40

2018 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 9 meetings out of 9

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Committee appearances

  • North West Intervention: SIU, NPA & Hawks briefing 22 Feb 2021

    Ms C Visser (DA, North West) agreed that the briefings missed the purpose of the meeting and did not serve the mandate of the Committee. While the briefings did give Members a somewhat comprehensive overview of the investigations in the North West province, it was lacking in relevance to the ...
  • North West Intervention: National Treasury & AGSA briefing 19 Feb 2021

    Ms C Visser (DA, North-West) agreed with Mr Carrim regarding the situation in the North West province. Given the fact R70.1million was already spent in the province on the problems reported by the National Treasury, it is clear there was little improvement in the provincial departments of Health, Education, Human ...
  • North West Intervention: Inter-Ministerial Task Team briefing on progress 15 Feb 2021

    Ms C Visser (DA, North West) requested that the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the implementation protocol documents be circulated to Members, so that they could note the progress of the intervention. She was pleased that the intervention had been extended until June.
  • North West Intervention: Committee Staff briefing 8 Feb 2021

    Ms C Visser (DA, North West) said the first part of the report did not speak to what was really happening on the ground in the North West. Working closely with the Premier, HODs and Members of the Executive Council (MECs), she had not really seen any improvement in the ...
  • Lesawell Petition: hearings continued 30 Sep 2020

    Ms C Visser (DA, North West) said that water purification could not be done by a chemical process only, it needed filtration also. People petitioning was a form of public participation. There was no consequence management in the municipality and why were the AFS not submitted for audit in compliance ...

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    Thank you, hon Chair. Hon Deputy Minister, should traditional leaders be treated the same way as any state-owned entities and will also receive governmental funding, specifically in the required submission of financial statements? If not, why not? If so, how do you intend on regulating this? Thank you.


    Hon Chair, Deputy Minister, over the next Medium-Term Framework period, all municipalities and governmental departments are required to cut the budget with 5% in the first year, 6% in the second year and 7% in the third year, according to the Treasury. Hon Deputy Minister, you are required to cut ...

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