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Cameron Mackenzie


  • Communications and Telecommunications and Postal Services Budgets: Committee Reports 9 Jul 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said the South African Post Office (SAPO) Annual Performance Plan mentioned the reduction of personnel but the Committee Report outlines the opposite. He asked for some clarity on this.
  • Election of Chairperson 2 Jul 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said the process of merging departments has been happening for quite some time - he suggested the Department should perhaps look into submitting some form of report that provides some clarification on the entities that were still within the Department and entities that have moved or been ...
  • SA Connect progress report 12 Mar 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) asked how many sites had been installed over the Parliamentary term. How many were connected and what was the total cost to do this? Was the Western Cape Province the leader? Why? What lessons could be learnt? How was the Department managing the power and security ...
  • SAPO update on social grants and backlog challenges 5 Mar 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) asked about the 1 million customers who had not migrated to Postbank. Was there a campaign in mind or targeting strategy to draw in these customers? Were there actual numbers reflecting post offices that were still shut due to outstanding rentals for premises? Were vehicles still ...
  • Cost to Communicate: ICASA briefing 26 Feb 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) agreed with everything that had been said on the matter. However, he suggested the Communications Committee should take up the Matter given that the Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications and Postal Services does not have oversight on ICASA.
  • Department Telecommunications and Postal Services: Mar-Dec 2018 performance 19 Feb 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) referred to moving the two departments and asked how this was impacting the performance and morale in the Department. Is there a central coordinator within the department that could direct training more effectively, given the disparate bodies across it? He addressed Mr Barnes and said though ...
  • Communications Amendment Bill: adoption & Department report-back on committee recommendations; Legacy & Annual Report 12 Feb 2019

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said that the only time the Committee engaged with SMILE was at the public hearings and he would have liked to engage more with SMILE. He added that RAIN was also a large operator.
  • Electronic Communications Amendment Bill: discussion 4 Dec 2018

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said bending the rules of process would set a precedent. SALGA had appeared at the hearings and eThekwini municipality was part of SALGA.
  • Electronic Communications Amendments Bill: public hearings 30 Nov 2018

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) asked whether the country needed more bases stations.
  • Electronic Communications Amendments Bill: public hearings 29 Nov 2018

    Mr C Mackenzie (DA) said it had become clear during all the hearings that the telecommunications sector was not an end goal. The end goal had to be job creation, economic growth and highly effective telecommunications services. He was of the view that many presenters had focused on the means ...