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  • Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) governance 4 Dec 2018

    Mr M Seabi (ANC) said that the proposal by Mr Hunsinger could be parked so that the Members could receive input from other Board members, and so that the Committee could make an informed decision.
  • PRASA & Railway Safety Regulator 2017/18 Annual Reports 17 Oct 2018

    Mr A Seabi (ANC) asked for clarity on the approved budget and the expenditure, because they matched each other. He asked what consequence management had been applied on irregular expenditure, and the qualifications of its top management. He asked for the status of investigations that had been initiated in November ...
  • SANRAL, C-BRTA & SAMSA 2017/18 Annual Reports 16 Oct 2018

    Mr A Seabi (ANC) appreciated the report but asked why other SANRAL board members were not present. He expressed concern on the e-toll billing system that gave people outrageous bills although they were infrequent e-toll users. What steps had SANRAL taken to intervene on outrageous bills. He appreciated SANRAL’s ...
  • RAF & RTIA 2017/18 Annual Reports 11 Oct 2018

    Mr M Seabi (ANC) asked what the impacts of the RAF’s engagements with the AG were. The report had said nothing about liquidity and had not talked about the impact of the entity's performance on service delivery to the broader community. He asked why no action had been ...
  • Department of Transport 2017/18 Annual Report, with AGSA input 10 Oct 2018

    Mr A Seabi (ANC) said the recommendations were not clear enough and asked AGSA to specifically mention an entity and give clear recommendations to ensure that the Committee could assist the specific entity. He said from experience that most entities were unable to get clean audits because the senior managers ...

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