Abraham Gerhardus Daniel Nel

Abraham Gerhardus Daniel Nel

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Committee appearances

  • Department Strategic Plan and Budget: briefing 27 May 2004

    Mr Nel (NNP) asked about the amount of assets going to the Meat Board.
  • World Road Congress Draft Report; Annual Report: discussion 26 Nov 2003

    Dr Nel (NNP) stated that he would have liked to attend the Housing Summit and he also apologised for not handing in his report timeously - he stated that it was almost finished and that he would hand it in as soon as possible. He praised the organisation of the ...
  • Electoral Laws Second Amendment Bill: briefing 25 Nov 2003

    Dr Nel (NNP) asked if South Africans living abroad were also allowed to vote. It was a resident versus an immigrant debate. He also asked about South Africans delivering a service for the government or specific companies.
  • National Road Traffic Amendment Bill: Negotiating Mandates 20 Aug 2003

    Dr Nel (NNP)(FS) said that concerns raised included the time for expired licences to be re-issued, invalid or expired licences in relation to insurance claims and reasons for only testing eyes after five years renewal. The only amendment proposed was that the date of application for licences specified in clause ...
  • Committee's Business Plan: discussion 13 Aug 2003

    Dr Nel (NNP) asked about what happened to recommendations after being submitted, and whether it the problem could be monitored.

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