Review of Fifth Parliament

25 Apr 2019 (3 years ago)

The Fifth Parliament gave us a lot of “firsts” and was unprecedented in many ways.

While previous Parliaments were maligned for being dull, perfunctory and peripheral, this Parliament was in the limelight for various controversies and mayhem.

Putting together a comprehensive review of the Fifth Parliament was always going to be a difficult task and there will be gaps in the coverage of its myriad components.

Combining commentary and data, this review is a guide and analysis to the legislature’s activities, highlights and controversies from this period. In addition, there are perspectives on the functioning of Parliament, with the aim of raising standards. Alongside this are interviews with lawmakers, who share their insights. The result is a varied and, we believe, instructive publication where we aim to be forward-looking and address how Parliament can be strengthened.

PMG is non-partisan and has no stance on the opinion pieces published. Our contributors had complete freedom to express their views.

We would like to thank our contributors for their participation. Without them, this would not be possible. Every effort was made to get input from across the spectrum. While many responded to the invitation, not everyone took up the opportunity.

Parliament is a vital institution. We hope this will contribute to the broader debate about its role, stature and the impact it should have on all South Africans.

Read the review here: PMG's 5th Parliament Review



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