Livity: Parliament Challenge Call Out

VIP Challenge

What is it?

VIP is opening up a crowd-sourced challenge to our community to suggest crucial issues, topics or policy ideas that young South Africa would like to present to parliament, dubbed the Parliament Challenge. The VIP team will work in conjunction with political experts, civil society organisations and MPs to turn the winning idea that stems from Parliament Challenge into a submission for consideration to a group of selected MPs from relevant committees.

Successful submissions will be shortlisted and our online community will see the compilation and vote on the hottest issue. The winning entrant then goes into the process of refining the idea and turning it into a presentation to be presented to parliament. The prize for the winning entrant is a flight, a night’s stay in a hotel in Cape Town and a trip to parliament to see your idea get presented.

How to take part?

We have selected four categories and departments under which you can submit your policy idea to:

Department of Health

Access to quality healthcare

Efficient service at public health care facilities

Sustainable health care

Department of Higher Education and Training

Development of a skilled and capable workforce for the country

Transformation imperatives to address social inequality, race, gender, age and geography

Providing differentiated education and training opportunities for all the people of South Africa

Department of Labour

Reducing unemployment

Eliminating inequality and discrimination in the workplace

Improved economic efficiency and productivity

Department of Police

Prevent and combat anything that may threaten the safety and security of any community

Ensure offenders are brought to justice

Participate in efforts to address the causes of crime

For more details on how to enter, see here.

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