Infographic: ANC announces list of candidates for committee chairpersons

The ANC announced its list of candidates for committee chairpersons yesterday (the NCOP candidates were not announced).

According to the ruling party “all these appointees bring to their respective posts the leadership skills, political experience and technical know-how necessary for the effective administration of the institution's oversight function during this term”.

Important figures

People’s Assembly thought it would be helpful to highlight the important role played by chairpersons.

The Chairperson plays a dominant role in organising the administrative affairs of the committee and controls the expenditure of the committee. In addition, the chairperson supervises the writing of the committee's report to the House, helps to formulate the agenda and presides over the meetings of the committee and acts as the committee's spokesperson with the Presiding Officer (i.e. Speaker) in the House and in correspondence with Ministers and senior government officials.

Rule 129 of the National Assembly states that: (1) A committee must elect one of its members as the chairperson of the committee. (2) The chairperson of a committee, subject to the other provisions of these Rules and the directions of the committee — (a) presides at meetings of the committee; (b) may act in any matter on behalf of and in the best interest of the committee when it is not practical to arrange a meeting of the committee to discuss that matter, if that matter concerns - (i)(i) a request by a person to give evidence or make oral representations to the committee; (ii)(ii) any other request to the committee; and (iii)(iii) the initiation of any steps or decisions necessary for the committee to perform its functions or exercise its powers; (c) performs the functions, tasks and duties and exercise the powers that the committee, resolutions of the Assembly and legislation may assign to the chairperson;(d) in the event of an equality of votes on any question before the committee, must exercise a casting vote in addition to the chairperson’s vote as a member. (3) The chairperson must report to the committee on any steps taken in terms of Subrule (2)(b).


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