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  • O1750E — 22 Jun 2011

    Thank you, Minister, for you answer. My question is: With regard to the elements that you have answered, is there any targeted intervention in terms of capacity-building for the officials in the Eastern Cape, so that by the time you pull out, they are able to go on on their ...

  • No1746E — 22 Jun 2011

    Minister, thank you for your answer. What are you up against? What is the backlog like? What are you chasing? What are your targets? How will you meet them? What are your indicators of success? How did you come about with the 10 000 per annum? What are you satisfying ...

  • Appropriation Bill — 13 Apr 2011

    What you then find are desperate people alongside the rail, hiking, desperate and willing to board anything that comes by. When they do not finally get on, they grow despondent. They become demotivated, they act outside the law, they end up in the street, they end up in jail, they ...

  • Appropriation Bill — 13 Apr 2011

    Government must also come to the party. It must pay the teachers accordingly. It must create that resourced and enabling environment which dignifies the teaching and learning process, where teachers and learners can be motivated to do their work. There are huge and embarrassing infrastructural backlogs throughout the country, which ...

  • Appropriation Bill — 13 Apr 2011

    Chairperson, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, guests, there is a contract, explicit and implicit, overt and covert, silent and loud, between government and the nation, between government and teachers, between teachers and parents - that of producing the best out of every learner at all times and in all schools. The budget, in ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Higher Education and Training — 11 Sep 2009

    (1) Whether he has any plans to fast-track research capacity development at universities of technology; if not, why not; if so, what plans; (2) Whether his plans include targeted interventions with the private sector to produce specific skills that are required; if not, what is the position in this regard ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Higher Education and Training — 10 Jul 2009

    Whether the principle of commonalities that should have existed for mergers to occur between different institutions of higher learning has been upheld; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?

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Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Pelchem [Resigned 05/09] Business
PetroSA [Resigned 05/09] Business
Tsarona Business
Turn of Events [Resigned] Business
NV Development Solutions [Inactive] Business/Consultancy


Name Value Activity
NV Development Solutions [Inactive] Consultancy


Description Extent Location
Land 851sq.m. Kidds Beach, East London
Residential - Sunninghill, JHB


Nominal Value No Name of Company Nature
- - MultiChoice Public Offering Shares
- 137,160 Business Venture Investment Batho Bonke
- 3,000 Phutuma Nathi Investment -
- 467 Sasol Inzalo Shares -
- 99 Telkom Shares -
Waterfront: AOC Geometric
Tsarona Investment VA Waterfront; AOC Geometric [AAM hatch], Krew Capital, Sasol Inzalo Tsarona Investment