Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform
Mnquma ward 27 Singeni location
8 June 2018 2:40 p.m.
Dear Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform,

I am sending this on behalf of Mnquma ward 27 Singeni location: We have lot of burning issues but dont know where can we address!!! There is an access road that was constructed in 2012 & never get done. They just left backfilling soil after they have removed the grass & make the road more slippery when its raining. Childrens walk more than 5km to school due to bad condition of the road, they are at risk of being slaughtered for body parts. We transport coffins we ox's. Our grandparents are victims of rape & get killed with no justice. Sick patient travells for more than 5km to the nearest to stop in order to get a taxi that goes to Tafalofefe hospital. I have even tried to contact Mnquma mununicipality & Mr Masualle's office but no help!