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Wendy Felecia Philander

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP) Department of the Premier 2018/19 Annual Report
    10 Oct 2019

    2018/19 Annual Reports

    Report of the meeting to follow.

  • Social Development (WCPP) Timeline & schedule for appointment of Western Cape Commissioner for Children; Committee Reports
    8 Oct 2019

    Report of the meeting to follow.

  • Budget (WCPP) Western Cape 2018/19 audit outcomes; Legislative Oversight through Annual Reports
    2 Oct 2019

    Auditor-General South Africa  provided the Committee with a high level overview of the Western Cape audit outcomes for departments and entities for 2018/19. This was followed by a briefing on the Annual Report process and guidelines for legislative oversight by the Provincial Treasury. All Legislature Members were invited to ...

  • Social Development (WCPP) Western Cape Children's Commissioner: publishing applicant names
    2 Oct 2019

    List of nominations / applicants not made available to the public at the meeting

    The Standing Committee on Social Development met to discuss the process for the appointment of the Commissioner for Children. An advertisement calling for nominations and applications for the position had been widely circulated via the print media ...

  • Budget (WCPP) Western Cape Provincial and Municipal Economic Review 2019/20
    30 Sep 2019

    The Western Cape Provincial Treasury provided a Provincial and Municipal Economic Review for 2019/20 where socio-economic developments were also unpacked and the implications discussed.

    The slow growth of economy and high unemployment were key discussion topics. Members asked about the causes of the increasing income inequality; why the infant ...

  • Health (WCPP) Universal Health Care versus the National Health Insurance
    11 Sep 2019

    The Western Cape Department of Health briefed the Committee on the National Health Insurance and the Universal Health Coverage. Members heard that the two healthcare initiatives are not exactly the same. The Universal Health Coverage seeks to provide health services to all people who need them without undue financial hardship ...

  • Budget (WCPP) Provincial Treasury on Quarter 1 performance; FFC on 2019/20 submissions for Division of Revenue
    30 Aug 2019

    The Provincial Treasury briefed the Committee on its first Quarter performance, and the Financial and Fiscal Commission briefed the Committee on its 2019/ 20 submissions for Division of Revenues. The Financial and Fiscal Commission's presentation dealt with Local government sustainability, local government fiscal framework, municipal government capacity building, local ...

  • Premier & Constitutional Matters (WCPP) Public Service Commission 2019/20 Strategic Plan
    14 Aug 2019

    The Office of the Public Service Commissioner briefed the Standing Committee on Premier and Constitutional Matters on its 2019/20 strategic plan, and said the strategic focus of the Public Service Commission (PSC) for the 2019/2020 financial year rested on four pillars -- routine outputs, research, reporting and ad hoc ...

  • Health (WCPP) State of the Forensic Pathology & EMS in the province: Department of Health briefing
    14 Aug 2019

    The Western Cape Health Department presented a briefing on the state of Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) in the province. The presentation included details of the service pressures within the entity, the circumstances of death, and provincial homicides. The Committee was told that from 1 April 2018 to 31 March this ...

  • Social Development (WCPP) DSD on funding for Residential facilities of older persons; DHS on housing special needs policy
    13 Aug 2019

    The Committee received presentations from three provincial departments on topics related to social welfare for needy residents of the Western Cape.

    The Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) described how it collaborated with the Department of Social Development (DSD) to agree and form policies with regards to infrastructure. Infrastructure ...