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What is your political background? How did you come to join your political party and become an MP? I was born and bred in a place that had a great political leader at Inanda, Ohlange. As is public knowledge, Mr John Langalibalele Dube was the first President of the ANC. He also did a lot more like being the first black person to have built a comprehensive school from grade R to grade 12. In 1976 I was at Ohlange Primary School when high school learners came and fetched us from classes and we went to participate in the nationwide student uprisings against the compulsory medium of instruction which had been made Afrikaans at the time in government schools in South Africa. That was when I was introduced to politics. More...

2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 16 meetings out of 16

2018 committee attendance as mp

96% attendance rate

Attended 43 meetings out of 45

2017 committee attendance as mp

80% attendance rate

Attended 20 meetings out of 25

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2018 [Source]


Source Public/Private
Parliament pension Public


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Sharks Board Board Member


Description Extent Location
Residential /- 350 sq.m Waterloo, Verulam, Kwa Zulu Natal

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2017 [Source]


Source Public/Private
Parliament Public


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Board Member Sharks Board
Council Member National Road Safety Advisory Council


Name Value Activity
Nedlac Accommodation and Petrol Allowance Exco Member - Committee of Principals Member (Representing SANCO)
SANCO General Secretary


Description Extent Location
House /-700sq.m Waterloo - Verulam (Durban)

Committee appearances

  • Foreign Service Bill: DIRCO briefing; Risks to SA Foreign Policy 11 Sep 2019

    Mr T Mpanza (ANC) pointed out that the creation of SADPA was part of the Foreign Service Bill. The issue was around the domestic role that SADPA could play. There were problems around how the ARF functioned. The ARF was outbound looking and did not look at the interest of ...
  • DIRCO & African Renaissance Fund Quarterly Performance Reports 21 Aug 2019

    Mr T Mpanza (ANC) noted the presence of Mr Caiphus Ramashau, the Department’s CFO, and sought clarity about the status of the investigations involving him.
  • DIRCO Orientation on Programmes 1 & 2 21 Aug 2019

    Mr T Mpanza (ANC) suggested that the Committee have its strategic planning session as soon as possible so that it could engage on issues. The Legacy Report had shed light on areas of urgent oversight as well as on many outstanding issues. The Committee as a matter of urgency also ...
  • International Relations and Cooperation Budget: Committee Report 10 Jul 2019

    Mr T Mpanza (ANC) said he is happy that the report included its recommendations to the National Assembly as well. He asked that the Committee adopts the report as it is.
  • DIRCO 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 3 Jul 2019

    Mr T Mpanza (ANC) agreed with the Chairperson that he wished the Committee was accommodated more in the presentation as this is the first meeting. He asked how the Department would deal with the matter of cost cutting measures when it had a particular mandate to fulfill. There must be ...

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Plenary appearances


    Deputy Speaker, the ANC supports the report of the Portfolio Committee on International Relations and Cooperation. The department has tabled the Foreign Service Bill during the 2015-16 financial year, for processing by Parliament.

    The Bill is aimed, amongst others, the establishment of a single foreign service for the Republic of ...

  • NDP. 11 Jul 2019

    Hon Chair, the hon Minister, the hon Deputy Ministers, the hon Chair of the Portfolio Committee hon members of the portfolio committee, hon members, ladies and gentlemen. Chair, I think for the record we must state that our portfolio committee yesterday adopted the report unanimously by all political parties with ...

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