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Strike Michael Ralegoma


  • Sport and Recreation Committee Legacy Report 5 Mar 2019

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) chaired the meeting
  • Banyana Banyana’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France preparation: SAFA briefing 26 Feb 2019

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) said that although he appreciated the progress made with two female presidents, he wondered how long it would be before they reached parity. He thought they should introduce targets. Judging from the slides presented representing the regions, the majority were male and very few were female ...
  • Department of Sport and Recreation Quarter 3 performance 19 Feb 2019

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) expressed his appreciation for the presence of the old CFO. His worry was SANABO (SA National Boxing Organisation), stating that it was failing. SANABO was supposed to come to the Committee but did not appear. Usually SASCOC would deal with these issues – but it looked as ...
  • SASCOC Governance and Management Irregularities or Malpractice Inquiry: Ministerial Committee report 12 Feb 2019

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) wanted to know whether the Department of Sport and Recreation had ensured clarity in terms of its relationship with international sports bodies and issues of interference.
  • Committee Reports 4 Dec 2018

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) responded that Members of the opposition made things difficult by making it about “us” and “them.” No distinction should be made between the DA and the ANC -- the Committee needed to act as a collective.
  • National Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill: briefing 20 Nov 2018

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) said that he wanted to know more about the combat sports. A process must be developed in the discussion to understand the rationale for combat sport, and he did not want anything to turn political. Public participation had to take place before Members gave their own ...
  • Department of Sport and Recreation Quarter 2 performance 13 Nov 2018

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) said it was given that targets set per quarter would not be met. He asked for more details on the litigation that was in the briefing notes, as it was something that might be seen in the newspapers. Had SRSA interacted with Boxing South Africa? His ...
  • Cricket South Africa 2017/18 Annual Report & T20 Tournament 30 Oct 2018

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) suggested that CSA should revisit the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministers of Sport and Basic Education. There were structures to look at transformation and the development of sport in that MOU.
  • Committee Report on Western Cape oversight visit 23 Oct 2018

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) requested the officials include the reason for the visit to the Western Cape because it submitted its report to the Committee in terms of sport. This was important in order to cover all aspects of the oversight visit as well as good justification for the oversight ...
  • Sport and Recreation BRRR; Committee Report on SRSA Quarter 1 & 4 performance 16 Oct 2018

    Mr S Ralegoma (ANC) said the report was well-written and there was a need for appropriate budgets. He said that Boxing SA must be adequately funded. He asked for clarification on unauthorised expenditure by the Department because he thought there were no findings against the Department. He asked for the ...