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Solani Patrick Baloyi


  • Committee Annual Report and Report of HIV/AIDS Task Team: briefing 24 Feb 2004

    Mrs S Baloyi (ANC) asked about funding sustainability. Once the programme was started, its message should be ongoing.
  • Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act Implementation and Regulation: briefing by Department 17 Feb 2004

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked what the impact of these Regulations would be on decisions that might be taken by the Competition Commission. She also asked if the issue of pricing of medicines has been discussed with the Competition Commission. With regard to the single exit price, what was the ...
  • Health Budget: Kwazulu-Natal, Western Cape, Gauteng Input: submission 14 Apr 2003

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked about the HIV Global Fund. She also was concerned about the inequity between primary and tertiary healthcare services.
  • Budget Hearings: Department of Health 29 Apr 2002

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) expressed her concern at the fact that the presentation focussed exclusively on guidelines and development, whereas implementation was not mentioned at all. A time frame for such implementation is thus required.
  • National Health Laboratory Service Amendment Draft Bill; National Council of Medical Schemes Amendment Draft Bill: briefing 22 May 2001

    Mrs S Baloyi (ANC) stated that time frames are needed as the matters before the Committee are urgent. Why are medical aid schemes delaying payment to medical aid schemes. She wanted clarity on the powers of the Registrar to appoint auditors. What is being done to improve managed care?
  • Presentation by the Medical Schemes Council 13 Mar 2001

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked whether Mr Van der Heever would further address the Committee on medical schemes and health insurance at a later date. She wanted the discussion to focus on the way in which other countries have dealt with these issues and problems.
  • National Health Budget: briefing 8 Mar 2000

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked for clarification of the drug purchase and supply process and who monitors what goes on in the depots? She also asked about the department's role with respect to genetically modified (GM) foods and in respect of dietary studies, were black cultural traditions being taken ...
  • National Health Budget: briefing 8 Mar 2000

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked how the department had achieved 95% availability of essential drugs and how they had achieved such a good response rate to their AIDS programme, asking exactly what programmes they were employing?
  • National Health Budget: briefing 7 Mar 2000

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked why there were fewer benefit medical examinations than expected. Had miners from outside South Africa been considered for these and what was the general strategy in this regard? She also asked why the disposal of effluent in Gauteng had not been properly managed and what ...