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Committee appearances

  • Management of HIV/AIDS in Public Service: briefing 20 Oct 2004

    Mr Baloyi (ANC) asked how organised labour would be involved in the process of HIV/AIDS management in the public service. Mr Rapea said organised labour had been involved in the process, but had not yet indicated whether it wanted to form part of the Capacity Audit.
  • Public Protector’s Report: deliberations 21 Jun 2004

    Mr Baloyi (ANC) reminded Ms Camerer that the issue had already been ruled out of order. He then proposed that the recommendations be dealt with as a package as the findings and the recommendations were closely intertwined. The mandate of the Committee is to submit a report to the National ...
  • Committee Annual Report and Report of HIV/AIDS Task Team: briefing 24 Feb 2004

    Mrs S Baloyi (ANC) asked about funding sustainability. Once the programme was started, its message should be ongoing.
  • Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act Implementation and Regulation: briefing by Department 17 Feb 2004

    Ms S Baloyi (ANC) asked what the impact of these Regulations would be on decisions that might be taken by the Competition Commission. She also asked if the issue of pricing of medicines has been discussed with the Competition Commission. With regard to the single exit price, what was the ...
  • National Health Bill: briefing 4 Aug 2003

    Ms Baloyi (ANC) expressed joy that the Bill had finally found its way to the House noting that it was one piece of legislation that members had been longing for. She said that she had picked up many queries but preferred to wait until the time of the workshop where ...

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