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2021 committee attendance as mp

80% attendance rate

Attended 4 meetings out of 5

2020 committee attendance as mp

59% attendance rate

Attended 33 meetings out of 56

2019 committee attendance as mp

57% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 37

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Committee appearances

  • Integrated Youth Development Strategic & Monitoring and Evaluation Framework: DWYPD & NYDA briefing 2 Jun 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (DA) expressed concern about basic education and the fact that special needs schools for people with disabilities were not mentioned in the presentation and asked whether there was a way the Department could rectify this.
  • Commission for Gender Equality 2021/2 Annual Performance Plan 11 May 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (DA) asked about the status of ICT and knowledge management in CGE. He asked what the role of the Commissioners will be in giving effect to the entire APP and how the Commission will ensure that the Commissioners are being held accountable. He asked what submissions they ...
  • NYDA Quarter 3 2020/21 performance 23 Feb 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (DA) wanted to know whether the NYDA would be able to support 1768 young people with business consultant services in quarter four to meet their annual target. What does the document on the Higher Education Youth Service Program (HEYSP) entail and which stakeholders were consulted? He also ...
  • DWYPD Budgetary Review Recommendations Report 3 Dec 2020

    Mr S Ngcobo (DA) added to point 16.8.10 that the Department should monitor the Department of Health to ensure it provides assistive devices to persons with disabilities.
  • NYDA & CGE 2019/20 Annual Reports 2 Dec 2020

    Mr S Ngcobo (DA) had questions for the NYDA. He discussed the National Skills Fund. What happened to the NYDA National Skills Fund project plan that was developed and implemented in the 2018/2019 financial year? He then discussed the NYDA grants programme. What measures were in place to monitor the ...

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