Shadrack Lapologang Tlhaole

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Shadrack Lapologang Tlhaole

Committee Meetings Attended

  • Defence and Military Veterans Department on Defence backlog; South African Military Veterans Association (SANMVA) briefing
    18 Oct 2017

    The Department on Defence briefed the Committee on matters relating to its backlog and a status update on the review and completion of certain policies and possible tabling of legislation. The first presentation documented the military court cases received and finalised from 1 April 2017 to 30 September 2017; the ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans DoDMV Annual Performance Plan and Budget; Quarter 4 performance
    10 May 2017

    The Committee was provided with an analysis of the Department of Defence and Military Veterans’ budget allocations for 2017/18, after which the Department of Military Veterans outlined its annual performance plan for the coming year.

    Members were told that the Defence budget allocation was compiled after taking into account ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans DMV challenges dashboard; National Military Veterans database: DMV and SITA feedback
    22 Feb 2017

    The Department of Military Veterans and State Information Technology Agency presented a joint report to the Committee which highlighted both the challenges and progress made thus far with regard to the call centre and military veterans’ database.

    The call centre was being handled as a top priority for both the ...