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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Finance Standing Committee Committee Report on Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals: consideration and adoption
    5 Mar 2015

    The Standing Committee and Select Committees on Finance adopted the draft report on the Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals relating to the 2015 Budget. The draft report was adopted with amendments. The amendment related to tightening and rewording recommendation 4.18 that proposed centralised procurement. Members also agreed that a new ...

  • Finance Standing Committee Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals: public hearings
    4 Mar 2015

    The Standing Committee on Finance and the Select Committee on Finance held a joint meeting to hear public comment by various institutions and labour federations on the Fiscal Framework and Revenue Proposals.

    The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) commended the Finance Minister and his National Treasury team for ...

  • Finance Standing Committee Fiscal framework and revenue proposals; Division of Revenue Bill: Parliamentary Budget Office briefing
    3 Mar 2015

    The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) presented under various headings:

    ▪ Fiscal Framework: Budget 2015 recognised that the counter-cyclical approach had reached its limits. Fiscal consolidation could no longer be postponed. The current fiscal package was designed to narrow the deficit and stabilise debt. The poor could face the effects of ...

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Division of Revenue Bill [B5-2015]; Appropriations Bill [B6-2015]: briefing
    27 Feb 2015

    A delegation of senior staff from the National Treasury briefed the Joint Meeting of the Select Committee on Appropriations and the Standing Committee on Appropriations on the 2015 Division of Revenue Bill and the 2015 Appropriations Bill. A joint meeting of the Select and Standing Committees on Appropriations to interrogate ...

  • Finance Standing Committee 2015 Budget: Minister of Finance briefing
    26 Feb 2015

    The Minister of Finance and a team of senior delegates from the National Treasury presented a summary of the presentation of the 2015 Budget to the joint meeting of the Select Committees on Finance and Appropriations and the Standing Committees on Finance and Appropriations. Members kept their questions short and ...

  • NCOP Appropriations Conditional grants expenditure in 2014: overview and analysis
    17 Feb 2015

    The Committee Content Adviser and the Researcher provided the Committee with an overview of Schedule 4, 5, 6 and 7 conditional grant expenditure.

    - A Schedule 4 grant was an allocation to provinces to supplement the funding of programmes or functions funded from provincial budgets. Expenditure of Schedule 4 grants ...

  • NCOP Appropriations Adjustment Appropriations Bill: Committee Report adoption; Division of Revenue and Conditional Grant Allocations to Provinces & Local Government; 2014 Committee activities
    26 Nov 2014

    The Standing Committee on Appropriations considered, and adopted, draft Committee Reports on the approval of the Adjustment Appropriation Bill, the proposed Division of Revenue and Conditional Grant Allocations to provinces, the Committee's report on its activities from June to December 2014, and the draft Committee programme for the first term ...

  • NCOP Finance Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, Tax Administration Laws Amendment, Rates & Monetary Amounts and Amendment of Revenue Laws Bill: briefing
    19 Nov 2014

    Rates and Monetary Amounts Bill
    The majority of South Africans (8.8 million) earned less than R70 000 per year and the other 6.4 million people were spread over income brackets higher than that. The estimated income for this year was R335.9 billion and a significant part of that income was paid ...

  • NCOP Appropriations 2014 Division of Revenue Amendment Bill [B11-2014]: final mandates
    18 Nov 2014

    The Committee considered final mandates from the provinces on the 2014 Division of Revenue Amendment Bill. Eight provinces - Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West and the Western Cape - all voted in favour of the Bill. The Free State was the only province whose final ...

  • NCOP Appropriations 2014 Division of Revenue Bill: negotiating mandates
    11 Nov 2014

    The Committee considered negotiating mandates from provinces on the 2014 Division of Revenue Bill. Support for the Bill was unanimous amongst the nine provinces. There were however some provinces which had made some recommendations. For example The Northern Cape Province had noted that no additional funding to provinces had been ...