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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Energy Energy Portfolio Committee Legacy Report
    19 Mar 2019

    Find here once available - Legacy Reports 

    The Committee Secretary briefed the Committee on the contents and recommendations of the Legacy Report. Activities of the Committee included monitoring of electrification challenges; oversight over SoE governance, including the nuclear and Eskom new build programmes, energy policies, renewable energy, electricity and ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Technology Higher Education and Training Portfolio Committee Legacy Report
    13 Mar 2019

    The Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training considered and adopted the Legacy Report covering its oversight role over the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) during the past five years. It was the final meeting for the Fifth Parliament Committee, and the meeting focused on concluding matters and ...

  • Energy Central Energy Fund 2017/18 Annual Report
    12 Mar 2019

    2017/18 Annual Report

    CEF Group financial sustainability has declined in recent years. The CEF Group is faced with strategic sustainability challenges due to the operational performance of the biggest subsidiary, PetroSA. PetroSA was running out of cheap indigenous feedstock and was in a precarious financial situation. PetroSA continued to lose ...

  • Energy SA Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA) on its 2017/18 Annual Report
    5 Mar 2019

    Cabinet approved the appointment of a new NECSA board in December 2018 after the Minister dissolved the previous board. The 2017/18 Annual Report revealed the glaring challenges faced by NECSA. There was a commitment from the board to steer the ship on the right track. The NECSA subsidiary, NTP Radioisotopes, ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Technology Committee Oversight Report
    27 Feb 2019

    The Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training discussed the report on its oversight visit to Northern Cape and Free State from 28 January to 01 February 2019 and minutes. The Committee adopted the oversight report and minutes for the 5th of December 2018 and the 13th of February 2019. ...

  • Energy Minister and Department of Energy briefing on 2017/18 Annual Report
    26 Feb 2019

    The Minister of Energy stated that petroleum export countries under OPEC were impacting liquid fuel prices. Substantial amounts of crude oil were removed from the market, which could lead to petrol and diesel price increases. The bout of load shedding was sending a bad signal to investors and government was ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Technology Current Impasse at Higher Education Institutions: stakeholder input; Tshwane South College Public Protector Report; with Minister
    13 Feb 2019

    The Committee was briefed by stakeholders in the Higher Education sector on why there remained spradic instability at higher education institutions. The South African Union of Students (SAUS) had indicated a potential nation-wide shutdown of campuses if its demands were not met.

    South African Union of Students (SAUS) stated that ...

  • Energy Department of Energy audit outcomes: Auditor-General SA briefing
    12 Feb 2019

    Auditor General SA noted that the audit outcome for the Energy portfolio had worsened versus previous audit periods, in that only two entities had achieved clean audits. The quality of financial statements as well as that of the performance reports had regressed. Irregular expenditure had regressed to R108.2m vs. R92.8 ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Technology Committee Reports
    5 Dec 2018

    The Committee adopted the Draft Report of the Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training on its Study Tour to the Russian Federation on 14 – 21 September 2018. As part of the recommendations, the Committee agreed to invite the Department and provinces to brief the Committee on their student ...

  • Energy Committee Reports: Draft IRP 2018 hearings; Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material Amendment
    27 Nov 2018

    The Committee met to consider two important reports - amendments to the Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) and the draft IRP 2018.

    The Committee approved the amendments to CCPNM as it had received satisfactory responses regarding three concerns in raised in the previous meeting:

    • Whether section 231(2) ...