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Risimati Thompson Mavunda

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What is your political background? How did you come to join your political party and become an MP? I am part of the 1976 generation and I hail from a rural area in the Mopani region in Limpopo. I started school quite late at the age of 12 yrs where our language of instruction was Afrikaans by choice in some subjects, but with the blanket imposition of the Afrikaans medium problems obviously arose. More...

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2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate (8 of 8 )

2018 committee attendance as mp

94% attendance rate (48 of 51 )

2017 committee attendance as mp

96% attendance rate (22 of 23 )

2016 committee attendance as mp

89% attendance rate (17 of 19 )

2015 committee attendance as mp

47% attendance rate (20 of 43 )

2014 committee attendance as mp

(From the start of the Fifth Parliament)

18% attendance rate (2 of 11 )

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Mr R Mavunda (ANC) said it was a lengthy report, and the issues in the Report would exist beyond the ...

Mr R Mavunda (ANC) remarked that the presentation was too long, and he got lost. The Committee had asked before ...

Mr R Mavunda (ANC) remarked that NECSA was a thorn in the flesh of the portfolio. He asked that liabilities ...

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In view of the Maruleng Municipality in Limpopo that have applied for the establishment of a technical and vocational education ...

With reference to the 23 member Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Reference Group which was recently appointed as part of ...

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Nominal Value No Name of Company Nature


Since 2004 - To date

Wealth Investment


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Property Development


Building Industry Tourism and Conferences Property Training Facilitation Mining Industry

Trading Property

Description Extent Location

Land for Business Development and small scale farming

13 Hectares

Guwela Community- Giyani Dzumeri

Residential Land

Erf 9995 (421 Square meters)

St Helena Bay- Western Cape

Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Tshamawexe Trading

Production, Construction and Property Development; Conference and Motels Accommodation, Supermarkets and Filling Station

Nominal Value Name of Company No


Tshamawexe Trading (Pty)


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Tshamawexe Trading [Director/Founder]

Production, construction and property development; Conference and Motels accommodation; Supermarkets and Filling stations

Source Description Value

Mr Hlungwani Frank

She goat

R1 500

Description Extent Location



Guwela Village

Irrigation Scheme


Guwela Village

Nominal Value No Name of Company Nature





Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Director/Founder of Tshamawexe Trading

Production, Construction and property development, Conference and motels accommodation, Supermarkets and Filling stations

Description Extent Location

Plough Field


Guwela Village

Irrigation Scheme


Guwela Village

Business Land


Guwela Village

Nominal Value No Name of Company Nature



Tshamawexe Bricks


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business

Founder of Tshamawexe Trading Co. Ltd

Production, construction and property development, Conference and motels accommodation, Supermarkets and Filling stations

Description Extent Location

Plough field


Guwela Village

Irrigation Scheme and grazing land


Guwela Village

Business land


Guwela Village