Mr Qubudile Richard Dyantyi

National Assembly

Formerly: Western Cape Provincial Legislature

Qubudile Richard Dyantyi

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2020 committee attendance as mp

70% attendance rate

Attended 54 meetings out of 77

2019 committee attendance as mp

70% attendance rate

Attended 40 meetings out of 57

2018 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 3 meetings out of 3

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Committee appearances

  • Gender-Based Violence Bills: public hearings day 5 28 Oct 2020

    Mr R Dyantyi (ANC) had three issues to raise. He welcomed the thrust of the presentation, as he saw how these amendments would lessen the burden on victims on a number of fronts. Sometimes more burdens are added to victims unintentionally because of the processes victims must follow. He therefore ...
  • Gender Based Violence Bill: public hearings day 4 23 Oct 2020

    Mr R Dyantyi (ANC) noted that GBV was a societal challenge, and that it could only be solved if the Committee took matters of patriarchy seriously. He noted that there was a pattern where laws were tightened but GBV persisted or worsened. He asked the EFF what else could be ...
  • Gender-Based Violence Bills: public hearings day 3 22 Oct 2020

    Mr R Dyantyi (ANC) appreciated the SACBC submission. Noting the history of the SACBC, he was pleased that the organisation remained interested in issues affecting society.
  • Gender-Based Violence Bills: public hearings day 2 21 Oct 2020

    Mr R Dyantyi (ANC) said that he had two issues to raise. The first was on the definition of undue pressure. FORSA had proposed that the Committee do away with the definition, but they had not given an alternative. He asked what the organisation was asking the Committee to do ...
  • Gender-Based Violence Bills: public hearings day 1 20 Oct 2020

    Mr R Dyantyi (ANC) thanked the presenters for a straightforward and clear presentation however he sought two points of clarity. Although laws can be introduced all the time, he felt that there are critical issues which the Committee must attend to, one of which was highlighted by the CI. This ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services 25 Nov 2020

    Whether he and/or his department have determined how the next tranche of the funds set aside for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic will be allocated; if so, what are the relevant details; (2) whether he has found that a fair, transparent, competitive bidding process was followed in the ...

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