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Zukisa Princess Faku


  • Department and USAASA on Adjusted Budget & Revised Annual Performance Plan 7 Jul 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked about the budget shortage, and if all the targeted households would be covered. She asked about the proposal for the antennas and a timeframe, as the presentation had not dealt with the antennas. Had talks with stakeholders begun? She congratulated USAASA on the project to ...
  • Committee Reports 26 Jun 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) suggested a joint meeting with the Portfolio Committee of Justice and Correctional services because the police claim to be doing the work but when cases reach the Department of Justice, it is a different story.
  • SABC on its turnaround strategy and matters incidental thereto 24 Jun 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) said she appreciated the Deputy Minister’s opening remarks on not supporting retrenchments. The Committee should agree. It was clear that the bailout money was not meant for staff. What does the turnaround of staff optimisation entail. She asked for clarity on the new operating model ...
  • ICASA on licensing and various regulations before it 23 Jun 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked that ICASA clarify how far it was with its engagement with stakeholders on the process leading to the auction of the spectrum. Since ICASA had licensed the spectrum on a temporary basis to support the increase in demand for data services, she asked how operators ...
  • PSIRA Quarter 1, 2 & 3 performance; Firearms Amnesty Notice 11 Jun 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) was not impressed with the report. There must be improvement regarding expenditure. She said the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) needs to monitor expenditure. Expenditure is currently above 30 percent. There are issues such as the telephone bill and legal fees. Legal fees are sitting at 169 ...
  • MDDA vacancies: recommendation 4 Jun 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) referred to legal opinion specifying vacancy which occurred during the course of the term and asked that legal services clarify this.
  • Firearm Amnesty: Follow-up meeting with SAPS 3 Jun 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) acknowledged the difficulty of circumstances in which SAPS was operating. As much as she appreciated the increase in firearms surrendered, she wanted an explanation of the sudden uptick in submissions. She noted that in an ideal world she would want to live in a firearm-free society ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 4 29 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked if the candidate thought the community broadcasting sector should be competing with commercial broadcasters. She asked the candidate what needs to be done to diversify the media landscape to ensure media diversity. If given an opportunity to serve on the MDDA board, she asked the ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 3 28 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked for the candidate's understanding of media diversity in South Africa. Community radio has been a contested space, for example, where they have been located in close proximity and created a huge challenge for its relevance and sustainability. She asked what the candidate thought could ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 2 27 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked what can be done differently in relation to the current funding model of the MDDA. She asked what the role of MDDA was in promoting community media in the digital environment. She asked what the candidate’s views are on community media promoting cultural diversity.