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2020 committee attendance as mp

92% attendance rate

Attended 22 meetings out of 24

2019 committee attendance as mp

86% attendance rate

Attended 18 meetings out of 21

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Committee appearances

  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 4 29 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked if the candidate thought the community broadcasting sector should be competing with commercial broadcasters. She asked the candidate what needs to be done to diversify the media landscape to ensure media diversity. If given an opportunity to serve on the MDDA board, she asked the ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 3 28 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked for the candidate's understanding of media diversity in South Africa. Community radio has been a contested space, for example, where they have been located in close proximity and created a huge challenge for its relevance and sustainability. She asked what the candidate thought could ...
  • Firearms Amnesty; SAPS, IPID, CSPS and PSIRA Budget: Committee Reports 27 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) proposed it would be unfair for the Committee not to grant the extension, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. She stated her worry about the underperformance of the amnesty period. She requested more detail on how SAPS planned to strengthen the marketing strategy to improve the ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 2 27 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) asked what can be done differently in relation to the current funding model of the MDDA. She asked what the role of MDDA was in promoting community media in the digital environment. She asked what the candidate’s views are on community media promoting cultural diversity.
  • Communications and Digital Technologies & GCIS Budget: Committee Report 26 May 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) said the paragraph was not controversial and that it was indeed correct as the majority of the people in South Africa pay high data costs whether they belong to the middle or upper class. People still pay too much money for data in the country. There ...

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