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2020 committee attendance as mp

93% attendance rate

Attended 68 meetings out of 73

2019 committee attendance as mp

77% attendance rate

Attended 10 meetings out of 13

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  • DoC/GCIS & DTPS BRRR 1 Dec 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) said that the recommendations in 10.5 had to be made by the Committee to all entities as per the Auditor-General’s report – not focus the way Ms Van Damme had said to. However, she did not have a problem if the Committee felt differently.
  • SAPS, IPID, CSPS and PSIRA BRRRs 25 Nov 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) said that based on the audit report the Committee recommended that IPID develops a comprehensive report on fruitless and wasteful expenditure and make it available to the Committee by the end of January 2021. She could not find this recommendation in the list.
  • USAASA response to OUTA allegations; DCDT Revised Annual Performance Plans and Strategic Plans 24 Nov 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) noted the responses provided by USAASA, and expressed grave concern about the first question, where it had claimed that it did not have all the information. She emphasised that USAASA had to take the Committee seriously and must not mislead it. Though she understood that there ...
  • SAPS & CSPS 2019/20 Annual Reports & Audit Outcomes 24 Nov 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) said the Committee had probably failed because of the four qualified audit reports. This was very bad. Some of the issues that AGSA had raised were that there needed to be consequence management. The Minister and the Deputy Minister must prioritise investigation into irregular expenditure. The ...
  • GCIS, MDDA & SITA on 2019/20 Annual Reports & Revised Annual Performance Plans 18 Nov 2020

    Ms P Faku (ANC) appreciated the presentations and congratulated GCIS for the good work that it is doing as an entity. She indicated that even during the briefing with the AG, it was impressed with the work being done in GCIS. She said the Committee has been consistent in congratulating ...

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