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Patrick George Atkinson


  • Competition Authorities: briefing; Committee Reports 12 Mar 2019

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) noted that the Sun City Airport mater was missing from the report. The development of the airport was halted due to land claims impacting the run way of the airport. This matter needed to be mentioned in the Report; perhaps as a recommendation because the airport ...
  • Localisation progress report by Auditor-General, Transport, National Treasury, DTI 5 Mar 2019

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) referred his question to the AGSA. Looking at the presentation it was obvious that compliance with the local content programme had been declining over the last two years and results had worsened over the last two years. Was there anything that could be done to stop ...
  • Minister of Economic Development on Transformation 27 Nov 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) thanked the Minister for a very comprehensive presentation, which had been very impressive. He said Members had paid two visits to Soweto Gold brewery and wanted to know if they were still there and what was happening there at the moment. There had been a report ...
  • Economic Development Department Quarter 1 & 2 performance 13 Nov 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) commented there was a discrepancy between figures quoted about truck exports to Ethiopa. The figure quoted by SA was 204.7 billion but in the next slide it was stated that SA was ninth on the supplier list and the figure quoted was R59 billion. It ...
  • Committee business 6 Nov 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) thought that it would then be a good idea to clarify that there were no objections to issues surrounding the presentations.
  • IDC 2017/18 Annual Report: Competition Amendment Bill: adoption 16 Oct 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) said that on a number of occasions it was mentioned that he could not attend the meetings during recess and had asked several times whether the meetings could be postponed until such a time where all Members were present, but that request was refused. He had ...
  • Economic Development Department 2017/18 Annual Reports 11 Oct 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) asked the Minister to provide more information on the legal action taken against Oakbay. Secondly, he asked if the IDC was the sole owner of the Uranium mine, and if so, he asked for more details. Thirdly, he asked whether there were any examples of the ...
  • Competition Commission 2017/18 Annual Report 10 Oct 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) referred to the Commission supplier database and asked if the Commissioner share the names of the law firms and other experts in that database. He asked if any internal documents were sent out to other firms to request quotations for the services required.
  • Competition Commission & Competition Tribunal 2017/18 Annual Reports 9 Oct 2018

    Mr P Atkinson (DA) wanted to know whether all permanent positions had been filled, and what the requirements for interns were.
  • Competition Amendment Bill [B23-2018]: consideration 2 Oct 2018

    Dr Cardo said he had no intention to correct himself as he and Chairperson had a different recollection of events. He reiterated the Committee gave inadequate consideration to the Bill. The entire process was a sham. This was an egregious display of Stalinist chairing by the Chairperson. He walked out ...