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Omphile Mankoba Confidence Maotwe

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  • Eskom 2019/20 Annual Report 25 Nov 2020

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) said that looking at Eskom’s losses in the financial year, liquidity remained a challenge. Eskom relied heavily on Government support for equity. Without this, Eskom would be bankrupt. What was the cost of diesel per day? What were the big corporations that owed Eskom? The ...
  • Outcomes of forensic investigation at Alexkor and progress made in implementing turnaround strategy: DPE briefing 11 Nov 2020

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) recalled from the presentation that there were 16 people being investigated, and about four people, including the CEO, had been dismissed. Though the Department might have terminated the contract with Scarlet Sky Investments, but the question remained how the money lost was going to be recovered ...
  • 2019/20 Audit outcome of DPE: AGSA briefing; DPE Annual Report 4 Nov 2020

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) asked the Department how it would address the “going concerns” in presentation slide 15. She proposed that the Committee note the recommendations outlined on slide 22 so that they could be executed. She asked if there were internal auditors to audit the Department internally, or if ...
  • Follow up briefing by Department of Public Enterprises on SAA Business Rescue Practitioners 4 Nov 2020

    Ms O Maotwe (ANC) raised a concern. How many questions has Mr Lees asked and how many more was he going to ask? The rest of the members had questions that they wanted to ask but there was no indication if Mr Lees was going to end anywhere in the ...
  • Denel on financial and governance challenges 21 Oct 2020

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) stated that the chairperson had mentioned the Hoefyster project, and had said there were technical issues that were hindering its progress. What was the plan to address these technical issues? They could not just comment that there were technical issues. Were they saying that they could ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 20 Nov 2020

    (1)On what date did a certain senior Eskom official (name furnished) complete his Master of Business Administration degree; (2) Whether the degree was verified with the SA Qualification Authority; if not, why not; if so, what are the further relevant details?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 20 Nov 2020

    What informed the use of Treasury Regulation 16A6.6 to appoint Rand Merchant Bank as transaction advisor to oversee the Strategic Equity Partner transaction of Air Chef by SAA?NW2858
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 20 Nov 2020

    (a) What progress has been made with the Port St Johns Local Municipality (Turnkey) Electrification Project; (b) What total amount has been spent on the specified project to date and (c) By what date does he envisage the project will be completed?

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