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Attended 23 meetings out of 23

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Attended 11 meetings out of 11

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Committee appearances

  • SABC on its turnaround strategy and matters incidental thereto 24 Jun 2020

    Ms N Kubheka (ANC) asked if there were any discussions on retrenchments with the shareholder and what was the shareholder's position. The Committee did not want to see SABC collapse. The skills audit should be treated with dignity as people’s lives were at stake.
  • MDDA vacancies: recommendation 4 Jun 2020

    Ms N Kubheka (ANC) said a legal opinion was requested to ensure that the Committee was following the correct procedure. The Committee should not restart the process. The process should simply be corrected where the Committee went wrong. The ninth person should be a woman. She recommended that Ms Dikeledi ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 4 29 May 2020

    Ms N Kubheka (ANC) said in 2019 ICASA had to close a number of community radio stations due to severe non-compliance with rules and non-payment of signal distribution fees. She asked what the candidate thought the MDDA could do to improve that situation. With a decline in print media consumption ...
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 4 29 May 2020

    Ms N Kubheka (ANC) said she did not want the Committee to take incorrect decisions which are affected and can be challenged by law.
  • (Subcommittee) MDDA Interviews day 3 28 May 2020

    Ms N Kubheka (ANC) referred to the current socio-economic climate due to COVID-19 and asked what the candidate thought the MDDA could do differently in future to assist community radio stations to retain their audience. She referred to the lack of governance and accountability of the MDDA board in the ...

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Plenary appearances

  • COMMUNICATIONS 14 Nov 2019

    Hon House Chairperson, I rise on behalf of the ANC to welcome the committee report but I want to start my input with a bit of history. At the beginning of the sixth term of Parliament we have considered the first quarter report as the Portfolio Committee on Communication. We ...

  • COMMUNICATIONS 14 Nov 2019

    The ANC-led government is resolute that we will work to resolve the challenges in order to strengthen the public sector that serve the majority of South Africa. The SABC is one such entity where the board and management have implemented a plan that have

    saved almost R1 billion. Indeed most ...

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